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January 04, 2015
Just thought I should let everyone know that I got my first sale. $1.16 commission - big deal - yes this is a big deal. I wrote a review about something I knew nothing about and a I got a sale. I have been quite concerned about trying to help people buy stuff I am not personally familiar with but I had a go and it turned out OK. I am at position 12 on google for one of my keywords which is amazing as far as I am concerned. At first I thought that someone had bought something other than the thin
December 17, 2014
Hi WAers I just wanted to pop in and say a Merry Aussie Christmas to you all. It seems from the comments I’ve had that some people don’t realise it’s summer in Australia now and so we have a hot Christmas. Don’t be fooled into thinking that we don’t have a great Christmas. We do it’s just different to yours. While we have a pretty multicultural population most of us are Christian and many from English ancestry plus we have losts of European heritage and so with all of that comes al
December 07, 2014
Just wanted to write an update post. It's late Sunday afternoon in summer in Australia we I've had a beautiful day topped off with a swim we are hoping for a storm - my garden reallly needs some water. Thought I should write while I'm feeling relaxed and positive. I joined WA on about the 18th October since then I have learnt so much I have surprised myself more than once with what I have been able to create. I would like this to be a I made some money post but it's not - that's bit too much t
Just updating where I am and where I've been. I'm at the end of course 2. I'd like tell you about my progress so far. I seem to be spending way too much time looking for images that I can put on my website and finding ones that aren't quite right. I seem to be getting distracted by the comings and going of the WA community which is nice, interesting distraction. I love to read about the progress everyone has made and their individual stories. I am determined not to be distracted for long. Do
October 18, 2014
I joined Wealthy Affiliate mainly out of curiosity. I know people are making money online with Affiliate marketing - after all someone got a payment when I signed up for Wealthy Affiliate - and I want to understand how it works as well as make some money of my own. The thing that always strikes me is that I don't personally know anyone who is making money this way. I live in a small town and I know heaps of people who are underemployed and have time on their hands they have a wealth of knowled