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June 15, 2018
Just read today:A student at a management school comes up to a pretty girl and hugs her without saying a word.The surprised girl looks at him, “What was that?”The guy smiles at her, “Direct marketing!”The girl slaps him.“What was that?!” says the boy, holding his cheek.“Customer feedback.”Let's make sure our marketing efforts are better than that.Happy weekend!:)
June 12, 2018
Build your sea. Make yourself proud.:)
What a day! I checked even if it was Friday 13th. No, it wasn’t. It wasn’t even Friday or 13-something.I am writing this post as a kind of warning to those who are a little careless about saving passwords and keeping their accounts in order. Morning was nice. I felt fresh and breezy. Having only an evening lesson today, decided to give some time to the site. Made a wrong move deciding to use CCleaner. I long ago unckecked the function of deleting passwords so all my account
May 12, 2018
Late Sunday Funday, friends. Late, because it's spring, and there are so many things to do, so many things to enjoy.You can listen to cats' concerts, and you can listen to birds' singing . Rarely, but they may go together...Spring. Love is in the air.Spring.The moon , birds and cats do not let you sleep.Spring . Men sometimes get more sarcastic than ever, Maybe it's their way to tell us they like us?Spring. Men bosses become more picky choosing their secretary..Spring. You become less focused o
April 10, 2018
And when you smile, the whole universe smiles at you.Smile now, no matter what... Your body cells are glad when you are smiling.:))Have a good day!:)
April 01, 2018
This year Easter and April Fools' Day are on the same day.It's a bit symbolic because God seems to have a good sense of humor. Since we are created in His image, we wouldn't have sense of humor if God didn't have. And I am sure it's sense of humor that helps us live and enjoy life .But today let me put some special emphasis on how God made this world and how He made us...God put in the heart of a man desire of an ideal not telling him that the ideal doesn't exist.He made some people vegetaria
March 30, 2018
Now we are preparing to celebrate Easter. We buy and decorate eggs, buy chocolate bunnies and souvenirs,bake cakes, prepare and decorate our homes. But it's equally important to prepare our souls remembering what Jesus Christ has done for us. Last year I published a blog with my verse which I wrote being inspired by Mel Gibson's movie "Passion of Christ."I thought this verse may speak to someone who didn't read it last year and I publish the link to it here in this blog:https://my.wealthyaf
So friends , in this post I publish the original phrases, half of which I presented in my previous post. And I should say yours, the ones you created, can well compete with the originals.Thanks to everyone who responded, and thanks to everyone who just read. Such things are not just fun and game, such things are good for training our imagination and creativity. We all have the potential we do not fully realise, and if we allow ourselves to be creative, we can reach a lot . Extending the bord
A late Sunday fun, friends.Try to relax now for a couple of minutes and have some fun.I will give you some phrases, mostly phrases meant to be funny. The endings of the phrases are missing. Can you think of some good ways to finish them?So here we go:Picture and phrase1Picture and phrase 2Picture and phrase3Picture and phrase4Boom! Hope your imagination has been boosted and you can come up with good endings for these 4 phrases.or just 3, or 2, or 1. Waiting for your responses. It pays to be cre
Have fun!:)Read road signs.Learn new vocabulary.Help your sister work out.Hang out with friends.Or just sleep.Don't let your Sunday go too fast.To really feel the taste of Sunday, do some special things.Like this.Or like this.