The Law of Attraction

Last Update: June 26, 2018

Whatever gets in your mind and stays there, you will attract like energies in your life.

That’s the law of attraction

In other words, what you think about, you bring about.

Complaining and focusing on the negative things you dislike about yourself will keep you trapped in what you don't want.

Whatever you focus on, expands.

Expressing gratitude BEFORE seeing your desired results will cause things to shift in your life.

Remember, whatever gets in your mind and stays there will eventually show up in your life.

Have you ever heard people make statements to you like:

You're Stupid
You will never amount to much
Those internet things are just schemes

These and all negetive discourse that discourage and dishearten are debilitating to soul and body and can affect every area of your life. We hear these statements and we start to agree with them.

Here's how you change your circumstances and use the law of attraction to improve your energies and create a positive atmosphere where you can flourish, grow and thrive...

Quit putting more emphasis on what is going IN your head instead of what is coming OUT of your mouth.

What you say is what you hold in your heart. What you say directly impacts your circumstances. We can speak Life or we can speak Death. It is a choice you have control over.

A muscle in order to become strong must have resistance and use. This is true and can be applied to every area of our lives.

Speak affirmations of life and abundance over yourself. Don't wait for someone to do it for you. And when negative thoughts and speach come against you. Stand firm and refute it. Take control and resist. Do not be bound by the lies of deception.

When you look in the mirror and speak negatively over your body, your mind will start to agree with those statements.

I want you to look in the mirror and start speaking:

I am worthy
I am quick
I am resourceful
I am blessed
I am prosperous
I am smart......

Speak any positive words in the I Am context for several minutes everyday as you get ready for your day. Be purposeful and direct. Do not think the words, speak them out loud. That is how you activate the power.

When you started making positive declarations over your life, positive energies begin to flow through and around you.

Believe the words you speak and watch the atmopshere around you change. It will impact everything....your finances, your marriage, your future dreams and goals.

Speak Life!

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sdawson Premium
I'm reading about this and typed up my "Desire Manifesto" this morning to read aloud to myself daily. Financial success and good health (specifically gettingout of this wheelchair and dieabetes control). shirley
GailLowe Premium
Totally believe - it's my niche site. Thanks for the reminder. Have a wonderful day,. Gail
sdawson Premium
Gail, PM me your niche site and I'll learn from you posts
ValrieM Premium
I will PM you once I have decided on my first niche. I have so many interests!