So It Begins

Last Update: June 24, 2018

Success Begins With A Single Step

As a journey and success begin with a single step, here is mine. A new chapter of growth and learning are upon me. Stepping out in faith and expectation. As I am changing directions, I know the ground will become firm as I step out.

Yesterday saw me shooting a family reunion. My first professional gig in photography (100/hr). It was a success. Now I am investing further in my future with Wealthy Affiliate. So excited to get started. While I know nothing happens overnight, I also know that action is required for any measure of profitability.

Dilligence is the key. Focusing on the details and repetition lead to one success after another. The success I have enjoyed as a professional pet groomer took practice and attention to detail. Enthusiasm and compassion served as stabilization with repeat customers and word of mouth advertising doing the heavy lifting.

Hello Wealthy Affiliate

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JeannineC Premium
Congrats on your first gig! That's very exciting! Keep up the great job!
ValrieM Premium
Thanks for the warm welcome and congrats. I was quite relieved that they loved my work. I am steppong out into unsure waters. Exciting and scarey at the same time. Time to grow!

Paullamb777 Premium
It sounds like you know how to attain success. Keep up the awesome work. The training here does work. Through hard work you can achieve success.

Best of luck to you on your journey to building your empire.


ValrieM Premium
I am looking foeward to the training here at WA and have expections of nothing but success. Thanks for reaching out.