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Last Update: April 29, 2015

Hi everyone.

I have recently become an alternative medical practitioner with a license that allows me to practice. I am qualified to evaluate a clients overall health and well being, as well as make specific recommendations and/or referrals to an appropriate specialist.I am not legally qualified to diagnose.In my opinion a medical doctor is not educated in the correct concepts to be qualified to diagnose.And they do not. They interview a patient , they run tests and then they use the best of their knowledge to formulate an educated guess which when documented becomes a "diagnoses" They then write you a prescription that a pharmaceutical company has told them is for that diagnoses or they refer you to a specialist and send you on your way. Then they hope. They usually are correct because they genuinely want to help and they use all the resources the have in order not to mistake and do harm to the patient.

The problem with this kind of practice is that it treats the symptoms not the cause.Now in some cases it is appropriate to treat the symptoms in a situation where the patient is so far gone that the symptoms must be stopped immediately otherwise the condition could be life threatening.But once the patient is stabilized if they do not go back and then treat the cause they will never really experience any better health.

A good example is water retention. A doctor will run tests to determine the symptom is not related to any life threatening condition such as heart disease and if he comes up with nothing the answer is to prescribe medication that causes the body to dehydrate.Fact is the cause of water retention is diet. And if on the off chance it is a side affect of heart disease , it is the heart disease that is caused by diet.

Reference Holy Bible.King James Version Revelation Chapter 22 Verses 17 and 18.I quote Jesus Christ as he spoke his last words before his death. "And the Spriit and the Bride say, Come.And let him that is athirst come. And who soever will,let him take the water of life freely. For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of prophecy of this book,If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book."

The religious discussion about how this has been missed is a whole other blog. but what has been said is if you are thirsty , meaning your body is in need of nutrients, only ingest water as water gives life and green food which consists of sunlight and water. And no not fruit. Another part of the religious discussion. And plagues ? Plagues refer to more than disease. Again the psychological and psychosocial affect of poor diets is probably enough for a dissertation. Eve ate of the forbidden fruit. It was all down there.

Any and all health issues other than an actual breach of the cells such as a broken bone or a cut can be healed through diet.And if the cells are healthy that kind of healing is enhanced as well. Please watch this video that was called to my attention by our colleague Robert at both WA and on facebook.It refers to sugar as being responsible for cancer.Why would anyone think it is not responsible for other dis-ease as well.https://youtu.be/ty3Y1OA_-i8

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Sui_generis Premium
With the diets of many Americans today, it's no wonder there are so many ill people. Everyone was warned YEARS ago about sugar. There was a book called Sugar Blues that I read and it's enough to scare you into not eating sugar. Of course, you need to keep revisiting this because sugar is everywhere!
uniqueone Premium
Hi. Sorry I did not reply sooner but I had to let my membership go for month. I have been shopping at Sprouts because the organic produce is less expensive than my previously favorite grocery store. I still can not believe what is still being marketed as healthy. And the stuff that is really healthy is sooooooo expensive. Was there today and 3/4 of the store is full of processed crap. Maybe higher quality processed crap but crap all the same. What I also noticed that the lower priced products have sugar. The good stuff is off the charts.I was looking at salmon. 17.99 a lb. or 4.99 for 6oz filet (color added) .Why is color added cheaper ? Ok I get get it it is not as pretty and so that is why i will pay less. Need my own fish pond and chicken coop and garden.
LinaB Premium
Peace Uniqueone, I just ran into GLYCOGEN here who's site : http://liveyourlifegreen.net sounds like just what you may be looking for to start your fish pond and organic gardening. Take a look. I hope this helps.
BTW.....we have similar interests in alternative medicine. Which area is your specialty? Glad to find you. I'm looking for more people interest in the alternative medicine arena here on WA.
Sui_generis Premium
There's a lot of us interested in this kind of stuff.
danbarth87 Premium
Thanks for sharing the video!