Happy Belated New Year .

Last Update: January 17, 2015

Hello everyone. I have been gone for about 4 months due to issues on the job site I had been contracted to be at. It turned into a seriously bad situation and I have removed myself from the contract. This is my first opportunity to get back to Wealthy Affiliate .

During the course of what happened I have totally switched gears and have chosen to enter the Health and Wellness Industry. I am in school full time and have reevaluated what I am doing with my life and my time and with my businesses.

During this period of time when I was not online working any of my businesses, something actually happened with one of my mlms.It was a new company that I joined strictly based on who my upline was and I was told the program was designed for certain issues to be resolved which had previously proven to be a huge obstacle for the average person in building their business. Recruiting.I joined and am on autoship and participated in the key element that is what makes this company so different from other companies. One day I sent an email to my upline and he sent me an email back saying Ok . Good Luck. See you later.I said to myself oops I think I missed something. So I went to my back office and saw what I missed. I have 34 people in my downline and commissions sitting waiting for me to request be transferred to my bank account. Please check out one or both of my websites at http://www.epxone80.com/uniqueone and http://www.180.bz/uniqueone.Commissions were transferred into my account this past Friday and I have not lifted a finger outside of setting up my autoship and following the first step. I can only imagine what my commissions would have been if I had been working it ! Don't have a clue about anything going on at the company except for the FACT that I got PAID. My 24.95 a month autoship pays for Taxbot , a tax management program for homebased business proprietors.Extra perks include restaurant and travel discounts. High quality, state of the art, future paced nutritional products are available to distributors and retail customers.. This company has covered everything.

I am also back in school full time and as I had mentioned, going into the Health and Wellness industry. I am training as a body psychologist with the woman who developed the modality, who is in her seventies and will be retiring and turning some of her clients over to me. School is to get my massage therapist license and to learn other modalities inclusive of Chinese Medicine , more specifically acupressure, and other forms of specific massage and bodywork. I then plan on going forward to get my certification in Equine Massage and possibly Equine chiropractics. One step at a time, I have more on my plate than I can eat right now. Something that has opened up for me is which is something I had previously eliminated as ever being a possibility for me is that now will have the opportunity to travel. My school owns a large percentage of the spas on cruise ships and destination resorts. They opened the school to train their own employees to work in their spas all over the world.They figured the way to get the best people was to train them themselves. Equine massage although for many considering that direction it is a dead end, due to it doesn't really pay more than humans, your overhead is higher, clients are fewer a far between and time and miles on the road is grueling, it is not for me. With my backround and connections I can go straight to A circuit through F.E.I and Olympic level competition sporthorses. And I can go on the Florida circuit for the winter or play with the Arabians in Scottsdale for a week in February. Goal purchase an American bred Akhal Teke. As much as I wuld like to import one from Russia it goes against my concerns for animal welfare in the United States.

I bought an awesome new computer back in September, I had been working on a Dell Mini Inspiron and it was slow as molasses and I could not get a full screen and it was a nightmare . Bought a brand called Asus and saved $100.00 by buying last years model which The Best Buy store I was at had one left and payed a fortune for Geek Squad protection. Good thing because I spilled coffee on the Asus and if I hadn't gotten the protection I would be sitting here back on the Dell. They gave me a Toshiba to replace it.The feature that I forwent to save the $100.00 plus more updated technology. The keyboard is a little cheesy. The keys have a coating that I know will eventually wear and peel, but I tell you, this computer kicks some serious ass.Cost me an extra $250.00 to get it reprotected but it was worth it.

Penny the Heeler

In regard to animal rescue. I now have 8 cats left out of the manifestation of 17.And the dog my son left behind that he brought home without any understanding of what his responsibility to her would be has finally settled down She is my dog now. When I let myself off the hook from the job I decided I was going to take the next step and get a companion for the dog. I went up to Sheriff Joe's shelter and got me a pitbull. Beautiful black/brindle with white paws and chest. Named her Zena the Warrior Princess. Let myself ignor the fact that I knew she was way older than the 1 yr they claimed her to be. Broke my on rule. Knew if I got one a year or under there would be nothing weird programmed into it's brain yet.I wanted this dog. Had to bring her back. Yup she had weird stuff programmed into her brain.Had been taught to attack a dog that starts barking. Attacked 2x at the dogpark. After she'd been with my heeler for over 24 hours including 4 hours alone in a bedroom the heeler started barking and she beelined across the room and attacked. Broke my in heart in a million pieces. On the ride home she crawled up on the lap of the 8 year old that came with me to pick her out. When I got home after being gone for 4 hours she crawled up into my lap and gave me a hug. After I got the heeler behind the bathroom door she laid down and looked up at me with tears in her eyes. In that moment she understood her life.I sat on the floor of the shelter office and held her for as long as I thought was not impeding the work of the staff there, before I handed the volunteer her leash.She went quietly without a look back. Though I walked in through Sheriff Joe's I walked out with the dog through Halo. They are contracted with the county to take the overflow when their time is up.Both shelters claim to be no kill. During my visit I was speaking to a volunteer (I hope he would not have said this to any visitor but that he understood I am someone on the professional side of the same team.) but what he said was "Will you excuse me, I need to get inside and go to my wife. She is about to do a euthanasia." I had to sign off. Did I want to be contacted before they put her down if it came to that.They promised my they would use what we learned about her to find the right home with a fenced yard and no other pets.No I do not want to know. No points scored for the plight of the pitbulls that weekend.

To the people who have followed me since I have been away I will catch up with you as time allows. Thanks for the follow.

To Health and Prosperity


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hildacbg Premium
I am glad you a back and how!!! My goodness you are full of projects, achievements and pets ( including the new computer). It is really nice to read such an uplifting account of how your life is going right now. I truly believe in giving our lives a new, fresh perspective and direction and that is exactly what you are doing. You are an example of perseverance. You have not given up and it seems that you are now beginning to enjoy the results. Have a blessed Sunday!!
Trialynn Premium
Welcome back!