Update: Integrating All Work

Last Update: May 14, 2018

Since it has been a while since my last post, I figured I ought to share an update on how things are going. Today is the 2-month mark since I joined as a Premium Member here at WA. I believe the toughest thing about keeping up here is the fact that I did have so many irons in different fires, so to speak. Lately I have worked on integrating all work in one place--here at Wealthy Affiliate.

All Over the Place

As I have mentioned before, I am by trade a PI. Alongside that, I work in a ministry called Shatter the Darkness. Thus, I had different websites for my PI work, as well as some articles on specific cases related to both Shatter and PI stuff. Oh my! Between all that, plus training my cadaver dog, working on my house, trying to keep up on relationships.... Gosh! That can be a tough juggle! And on top of that, I had a second website here at WA attempting to blog about creating websites and the training/resources here. For me, that was like trying to run in mix-matched tennis shoes that are both too large and too small! ...and all this left little to no time (and energy!) to blog here.

Meanwhile, it dawned on me that I had gotten behind in the training, or even just hanging out here at WA. It became more and more difficult to be excited about the writing, which I love, and connecting with folks in my niche, which I very much enjoy. The fog had rolled in.

Each day I wrestled with time-management. Not because I haven't those skills, rather due to my lack of focus. Or, I should say, misappropriated focus.

Bring It On Over

Rather than give up, as that is not in my nature ;), I set out to bring all my online work over to WA. Here I have a great community, fabulous resources, the continued training and assistance I need to implement my way to success.

Thus, a new site has been birthed! http://simpletruth.siterubix.com/ It is very brand new. I just put it together last Friday evening.


See, while I blogged about dog training at apupstop.com, I added a post to explain the ads. Consequently, I hate ads! But that is what generates the income, right? So I believed my readers needed at least a bit of an explanation. That went well. So I hopped over to where my business site and another blog I have had for some time now are hosted to update long overdue stuff there.

Boy, what a disappointment. Signing in there, I felt lost! Then it hit me. With what I just explained on A Pup Stop (about the ads), this is a perfect opportunity to begin to integrate all my work in one place! Starting with the blog posts, I created Simple Truth. At the moment there are only four articles, which are actually just refreshed from my old blog. More will be added, as there are lots of true crime-like stories I have to share.

I still need to find out if I can get a refund for the year I already paid on my business website, as I own the domain. I really do not want to pay double for one year (ie: paid there, and then pay again here).

It also dawned on me that, instead of struggling to maintain a website about stuff out of my scope and passions, just delete it. So that's what I did. I added the WA banners and links to pages on my other sites. I hope that is enough because I found I need to stick to what I know and am passionate about, which boils down to A Pup Stop &, now, Simple Truth.

Begin to Make Sense

But this is a great start! Now folks can click through, if they feel the desire to makes sense out of why a PI needs a cadaver dog and is blogging about dogs :) and be enlightened.

I hope you take the opportunity to check it out. Thanx for your time today!

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