Second Week-Is WA an Addiction?

Last Update: March 23, 2018

So... Here I am embarking the end of my second week with WA. And I'm telling ya, this can be addicting!

Thus far I have created two websites, gone through 2 courses of the Certification, am in Phase 2 Lesson 1 of Bootcamp and already getting some outside comments. One negative thing, at this point, I need to confess is my sheer lack of time management. Well, okay. I have time-management skills, per se. I suppose it is more accurate to state that I have little desire to implement those skills ;)

Predisposed to Addiction

I love to write. If you have not guessed that by my long-winded sonnets already, then you're more blonde than I! It would be right to assume that, when it comes to writing, I am predisposed to addiction. Whether it be writing letters to loved ones, stories, simple journaling...okay, that's a lie. There is nothing simple about my journaling. Or even writing research papers for a Bible or Intelligence class. I just love to write!

Funny thing, too, is when I first found WA a couple weeks ago I was in the midst of a severe writer's plateau. A book that I have been working on for some time now, just sits collecting dust. ...I suppose that would be "digital dust", since it is on my hard drive? Anyway... Each day I set aside time to work on finishing that book. Each day, I sat and stared at the screen. A screen that was as blank as my mind. Each day turned into every few days. Every few days turned into each week. This dwindled to 'upon occasion'.

"But!", I cried, "This is not me! I love to write! Especially about things I am quite passionate! WHAT is wrong with me?"

Just Float

There are few things more disappointing than seeing your dream--or dreams--out on that big ocean, but you're in this tiny steamboat and have little steam to get to the desired destination. I am certain we have all "been there." You just float upon the waves, watching your little island of joy bob up and down, just over the horizon. So far. So seemingly out of reach. You watch until your eyes cross and begin to wonder, "Is it just an illusion?"

Would that be "allusion" or "illusion"? Hmmm... Anyway...

Okay. Okay... Yes. I had to stop and look that one up! Allusion would be alluding to something. Illusion involves more a trickery on the mind. In context either would fit, but I'll stick with illusion here ;)

Where were we? Oh! So you just float along with that dream (or dreams) just over the horizon and your little boat is low on, or has run out of, steam. As counter-productive as this may sound, sometimes it is good to simply just float. Enjoy the breeze. Take in the sun. And, if you're not prone to motion sickness, relax in the calming ride. Those waves are moving and likely they are headed in the direction of that little island of yours.

Is there a Point here?

Sure is! Well, I didn't think so when I sat to write about 20 minutes ago! But this bouncy ball of dough has taken shape.

In the midst of what we are all trying to accomplish here at WA, I implore you--us--all: Do not miss the beauty of where you are by being too focused on where you want to be. And I am telling you, I have been 'stuck' before in some of the most terrible, unimaginable places and circumstances. Still, by Grace, there was beauty to behold. Find it. Enjoy it! And you will be "full steam ahead" in no time.

Thanx for hanging here with me today :) Back to work! oxoxo

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JasonHeard Premium
Full steam ahead! Thanks for the dose of motivation.
BrianCh Premium
Hi Lynette and thank you for sharing this with us. We all do indeed have a dream that we shouldn't ever lose sight of.

All the best,