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Last Update: June 05, 2016

Hi guys,

One of the niches I am interested in will be using amazon affiliates links but...

Being from the UK could I set up my affiliate links to target a USa market or would I be better sticking to the UK. I feel like I am going to be asking myself this question a lot with some of the niches I have been looking into so thought I would ask everybodies opinion now before I get started.

Thanks in advance

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NatNiches Premium
Yes, I am in the UK too and use genius link - it's free up until a certain amount of clicks, but easyAzon works well too. I found I was getting a lot more clicks from the USA - so, had to do something and it's worked really well. :)
holly68 Premium
You can enroll both UK and US amazon affiliate programs or more. I did this way. But there is a problem. How will you manage them. Some people connect a lot of amazon associates links in one place using Genius links or a WP plugin.I think this will be easier to follow your links but I haven't done this yet.Some people have easyAzon to combine lots of amazon affiliate links but it needs some investment.You can search about this and decide or start just one using UK and improve later..
ukols13 Premium
Thank you. I have since found easyAzon by accident, they do a free version too which is great because I can test it out without investing anything. I found it through an affiliate link on a WA members site (cant remember who) and its only $29 which is more thana fair price considering the time it could save .