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After seeing PastorDre's post moments ago, I thought I would also take a moment to thank our SiteSupport team here at Wealthy Affiliate.As it turns out, I was just dealing with them a few minutes ago - to which they fixed my technical issues with utmost care and speed. And though I don't have to seek help very often (only a couple times since starting here), the support has been fantastic every time.That all being said, 2020 is off to a great start knowing there's an excellent team ready and wi
I realize I haven't blogged here at Wealthy Affiliate nearly enough, despite being present almost every day. Truth be told, I've been so busy trying to make sure all my writing goes towards my websites and filling them with content.But then, my favourite community gets left behind in the process! Guess that means it's time for me to spread some love here as well.Writing, Editing, and Repeating - A Meditative CycleFor some, writing a blog day in and day out can be a pain. I know many people in m
July 16, 2019
So I have been at this for a little while now, happily plugging away at my website as much as I can. It has been a challenge so far, having come from a background of little technical expertise like many members here.I have a variety of reviews and posts so far, but still so many to go. I imagine even more before I can get some organic traffic, which would be nice for sure. Some affiliate sales to follow would be exactly what I need to keep going. Both in morale, and in finance right?The Foundat
Oh ho ho, this is indeed a fine day. I think it is anyway! I hear other folks on the WA site cheering for their own little slice of victory pie, so I may as well put a smile on.I hopped onto the laptop today and saw this pop-up notification and something about Google. I thought "blasted ads and popups" but quickly realized that I was on the Wealthy Affiliate website! So yes, one step closer to where I want to be.It's not going to be a very long post today but I do just want to give a shout out
Do you ever get the feeling that you've got just a little too much on your plate to handle? Or it could be way too much really. Or maybe you don't have enough to do, that's an issue too! You know, it doesn't even have to be a plate for this analogy to work either. It's just such a widely used expression, it seemed so easy to relate to..Gah! I'm about to mess of this aren't I?I certainly hope not, but I have spent a lot of words on making such a simple point: That sometimes life is a mess to de
May 27, 2019
The road ahead is long, but sunny at least.This marks the start to what I think will be a good journey. I'm as new as the grass is green when it comes to most things here, like blogging and affiliate marketing. However, having burned through all the starter member content I am already hungry for more learning. Working from home, can it really be done?I have read more success stories in the past week than I have in all my life! And almost every one of them on the same subject: Their time with We
Well hello all and thank you for having me here as part of this wonderful community =)Today will be my first post, so I will try to keep from going on and on forever. Simple is often best, yes? So here we are only a couple of days in and I've learned a fair bit about things like niches, designing a website, and affiliate work. I think its all very interesting stuff - and exactly what I was hoping for so far! My network is 19 strong at the time of writing, and I have met some real friendly and g