This Jaybird really sings.

Last Update: April 06, 2016

Jay's training never fails to inspire me. Not only does he pass on new stuff (well. new to me anyway) and different insights and angles into stuff that I sort of knew about, he always leaves plenty of food for thought.

More than anything though, Jay has boundless enthusiasm for what he does. He clearly loves his work and loves passing on his knowledge and experience to others. Due to the time difference I never get to join in with his sessions live, but I do watch the recordings as they're available.

Unless Jay has been drinking from the fountain of youth, I reckon I'm a good bit older than him, and life's wear and tear has tended to make me a little cynical and disbelieving. It's not an ideal mindset for enthusiasm and passion.

BUT, Jay is re-kindling my old love of doing new stuff just by talking and I'll always be grateful for that. Maybe I'll even make some money as well (oops, that sounded a tad cynical, lol).

Message to all WA members - watch Jay's training as you go along, you will be the better for it, I promise.

Thank you, Jay, and aplogies for the headline.

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SadieChan Premium
Have to agree that he is a great guy. Thanks for bringing him up to us.
Tuze Premium
Thanks for calling by, Sadie!
Nazmi524 Premium
Lol. You do not have look for Jack Sparrow to look the fountain of youth. Just look for Jay. Always look forward for Jay's training and humor.
Tuze Premium
Yup, keep on singin' Jay!