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Last Update: April 01, 2016

Well, that's what I did when I started. I poked around the available themes without having a clue what anything meant or what I was looking for. In the end I settled for the solid but uninspiring Twenty Sixteen. It has not let me down, but once you feel like getting creative - well, you know how it is.

So I had another look in the theme shop and picked out a sexy looking candidate. Well, that didn't work because it messed up my infant site - not in the preview, mind you, just in the real thing. Happy days!

So I thought I'd stay with Twenty Sixteen for my WA promo blog and keep my eyes open towards other sites and see what the possibilities are; I have a few other niches in mind, and now the confusion mists are clearing a little I'm getting a better idea of what I'll want to do with those.

O course, not every website conveniently tells you how it's put together, which is a bit annoying if you spot a goodie. I guess you could always mail the site and ask them to tell you but this morning I found out there are other ways ....

If you ever want to find out what themes (and plugins) are behind a site you've come across, here's a splendid article by Matteo Duò at Codeable. It's only a little bit techie - hope it's useful.


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greenbrierwv Premium
Tuze---Very good observations. I too have been confused by the different themes and how to get them to do what I want. They're not always as user-friendly as they could be, or as you need them to be! But like you, I finally settled on one and have built it to do what I need it to do. I'm sure there's much more I need to learn about how to build it, but it's serving me well at this point. Best wishes to you as you plow ahead!
Tuze Premium
Thanks Jonathan, and very best wishes to you also!