Knowing what to do.

Last Update: January 13, 2015

Sinse the day I had my first Mecca-no set to the day I had my first car I have always been the same. I open the box, throw away the instructions and start pushing buttons, then wonder why things don't work. I can make almost any part of a car engine, but if it breaks down, I'm not the one to ask to fix it. I overcame my first dilemma today which has taken a few days, to sought out my domain with WA and caused a few headaches for the support guys (apologies Guys). All I had to do was spend a little time getting to know what to do, and with the wealth of knowledge in the community, the issue was soughted almost instantly. My moral is, find the way foreword before you hit the road running.

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albertculmer Premium
Hi Tungsten Great blog There are plenty of ways to encourage yourself to stay on track—either by keeping your goals front and center while you work towards them, or by adopting a system like "Don't Break the Chain" so you can visualize your progress and stick to it. Instead, make those goals public. Share them with your friends and family, and share your progress towards your goals with them. Have a bless day.
danbarth87 Premium
Great post! My favorite line is the last, "Find the way forward before you hit the road running"
Tungsten Premium
Hi Dan, I'm pleased you like my post, My words come from a life of being impatient LOL. I read your profile, its very cool, I' looking foreword to following you , Take care, Allen.