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January 16, 2019
Continuing with training on WA at a slower pace and started a class on Udemy.Spent more time considering my niche and how nichy niche I really wanted to go. Ultimately I decided that my niche was too narrow and decided to broaden it a step but still initially focus on one type of product.I used the following: Google Trends Top Charts to investigate my niche and find popular keywords and searches; scoped out how it is trending and where and what are better keywords to build content aroundsmalls
I completed the free training... It took about 12-16 hours over three days for me. I took my time and stopped the videos when I wanted to loook something up.I'll admit that I was sceptical about WA and wanted to atleast get basic training so that I could have a clue about affiliate marketing, SEO, WordPress. I also wanted to test the hosting service...So far it is all good - I think that Kyle and crew have created a unique platform that looks to be an execlent way to get an affordable educat