My Journey So Far!

Last Update: January 26, 2010

This is my first blog I've ever done, so forgive me if it's rubbish here goes. I've being a tree surgeon now for 8 years and am very good at what I do. The business is a family business so as you can imagine I live to work! I've loved the job so far but no it's not really fulfilling me anymore, and the money isn't brilliant considering my position and experience. Here's a picture of me a few week back :

One hell of an Ash Tree I'll tell you that, was a shame to cut it down!

Anyhow that's how I got into looking into ways of making money online about 8 months ago. I came across WA straight away but everything seemed a scam back then and I wasn't sure if this was. Then I evemtually grabbed the bull by the horns and went for it. 

I've setup a seperate bank account so I can keep track of my expenses, I want to try the free techniques to start with.

My goal in the first few months is:

Make a sale.

Then in a year :

a $100 day

Then in 2 years if Im good enough and feel if a put more time into this I will benefit:

Quit or part time on my day job.

So all being well this is my plan and I really do hope it pays off. Now here's one thing hard work is nothing to me I'm a natural grafter as soon as my eyes open to the minute they shut I'm all go. So I'm confident the the action side of this is gonna suit me fine. Just one thing right now which I'm not too worried about because I've seen similar posts, I feel like I'm going in circles. I'm struggling to find a niche, I think I'm wanting to start article marketing first. I thought i'd read to look for keywords last, then read somewhere search keywords first. The more I read the more I seem to get confused this is why I'm struggling to get anywhere I think.  Don't get me wrong I know I've only been here 2 days and yes I'm impatient at times my main downfall!

Any how I'm not here to cry about me me me, I'm going to try potpiegirl's post next seems a long one so want to concentrate on that one and hopefully that will lift me off my bum! I hope this blog interested you and any thoughts or feedback would be great.

I leave you with something I did last week when I finished a job early I got some carving fever:

It's a squirrel if you havn't guessed (it is a rough chainsaw carving!) hehe.



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Jamie I am also new to this game too after 6 weeks of 8 hr days reading etc I have got a new dot com website and got it hosted with WA.Now about to write second blog and article which will have relevance with page on website together with the required hidden links etc.I will keep going and the cash is round the corner $50 a day would be great for me anytime.