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February 16, 2010
Hey guys I've bin signed up a month now and had nothing to show for my efforts before christmas. I have WA and all the great members here to thank for what I call my first success. I've never being confident with article marketing but I needed to take action, or I felt I was going to give up. I've always bin crap at English, grammar, literature etc etc but I didn't let this defeat me I told myself if I keep trying I'll get there. Any how your probably
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January 26, 2010
This is my first blog I've ever done, so forgive me if it's rubbish here goes. I've being a tree surgeon now for 8 years and am very good at what I do. The business is a family business so as you can imagine I live to work! I've loved the job so far but no it's not really fulfilling me anymore, and the money isn't brilliant considering my position and experience. Here's a picture of me a few week back : One hell of an Ash Tree I'll tell you that, was a shame to cut it
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