The Science of Website Creation

Last Update: February 08, 2020

Under the Microscope

As I've mentioned in a few of my Wealthy Affiliate blogs, I have a very meticulous nature in my character and a keen eye for detail. Throughout my journey with WA and it's training platform, not only have I created some interesting blogs here but also a fully developing website and it amazes me that I like a few new community members I was once where they were and asking the all too familiar questions. Some of the work I've done on the site has been large in content and some other pieces smaller, but I've always tried to add small tweaks as I see them and improve on what I've done already as I learn more. It's these details that I've studied and implemented and that has made the site that more presentable and professional, in my opinion of course.

Growth and Discovery

Over the past 48 hours alone, I've added a new section to an existing article, I've finally included a contents section using the advice of a community member, I've added an affiliate disclosure and further affiliate links and images. I've found myself editing layout, punctuation, content and categories. There has been so many smaller changes that I've tweaked to get the site running and looking well. Some of the changes I've decided to make have been for the better in the long term, parts of the website building process I've had to research and find answers on for best practices, embedding videos or just using the URL has been a recent conundrum.

Creation and Development

Every element I've added to the site does a job and minds its own business, as long as I've added and implemented the code right (and after previewing/checking it) I can just move away from that completed task. Content is geting clicked now, affiliate links are out there poised and ready to make money, graphs and statistics are twitching, visitors are commenting and I've had community feedback too. All this is happening as I discover new training, new affiliate programs specific to posts, articles or my niche.

I can create new content, progress and engage with the Wealthy Affiliate community while the code under the website microscope runs around getting busy, doing its thing like millions of sperm cells trying to reach that end goal and creating something worthwhile. That's the science of website creation and development.

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AlexEvans Premium Plus
The cool thing is that once created that website and content work tirelessly, 25/7.

That is amazing for sure.

Great reminder, Steve.