Recently I received an interesting question from one of my former clients. A few months ago - after a successful two-year collaboration - he decided to launch his own web-development business (once again, congrats Frank, you've made me really proud!), but I didn't stop helping him in his endeavors ... This time, he was looking for a simple method of creating a custom notification center in Wordpress ...

Needless to say, there is a solution ...

But let's start with the obvious question: why he needs a custom notification feature in Wordpress?

Well ... As you know, Wordpress allows themes and plugins to display various notification messages in the admin area:

Let's face it, they can be really annoying ... But of course, there are many different solutions that will allow you to handle and control these automated notifications. Here's an example:

The easiest and safest way to manage the automatic Wordpress updates

However, when you are creating websites for clients or other people, or you are providing coaching services as I do, these automated notifications displayed in the admin bar could have a bigger impact. They could ruin the user (client, owner, etc) experience, making your work to look "unfinished" ... More than that, if you are running a multi-author website, these notifications may be visible to other authors as well! Without admin rights, they won't be able to take any actions, and it can be really annoying because they can’t even dismiss them ... And you'll become a neglectful administrator in their eyes ...

In such cases, you'll want to create your own notification center in order to place all these notifications under a separate, convenient menu.

This is why I've decided to create this short tutorial where I will show you how to add a custom notification center in Wordpress.


Let's do this!

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BradB18 Premium
Very interested thanks Zed, great info and advice and one for the archives.
smartketeer Premium
Thanks for stopping by Brad!
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Great information! Thanks for sharing.


smartketeer Premium
Thanks for the time Norman!
dowj01 Premium
What a useful plugin. Thank you for the tutorial.
smartketeer Premium
Thank YOU!
HalimNajm Premium
Thank you
smartketeer Premium
That was fast! I hit the publish button less then two minutes ago ...

Thanks for the time ...