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This video is about the important things that you should focus on as a new blogger.

Thank you for watching.


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Tguth Premium
Thanks for sharing this was a big help to me.
howdoiblog Premium
That's great!
Thank you!
CCelest Premium
Thank you Ivelina. So happy that I can watch your video every week. They are great motivators. Keep it up!
howdoiblog Premium
I am delighted to read your comment!
Thank you so much!
MineThatBird Premium
Ivelina, You are awesome!
howdoiblog Premium
Thank you so much, Kate!
You are awesome, too!
lesabre Premium
Thank you for sharing Ivelina.

howdoiblog Premium
You are very welcome!
BecomingDesa Premium
Thanks for this! Short and really helps to reorient focus on the basics. You even confirmed what I was already thinking--maybe I need to go back through my content and make sure I am doing what she reminds us here--as on the next slide you said exactly that!

Love how you end it all on a most unexpected metaphysical note, a sort of "what is the meaning and point of it all" statement.

As a metaphysics/aura blogger, that last part certainly earned my seal of approval, and may be the best part of the whole video.

In the friendly feedback spirit of our community, I want to tell you I love the illustrations, layout, and clear, targeted, very useful guidance. This really is good stuff.

I also love the sound of your voice! So beautiful.

As someone who seriously JUST launched my own very first YouTube video (a guided meditation), and isn't perfect about this myself, I know figuring out the audio is such a pain. So I wanted to point something out that I learned that could be helpful for you (I hope).

Sometimes, the audio quality on your video could be distracting a little. It was clear and crisp, but you seemed to move away and then back again real close to the mic. You would be hard to hear, then suddenly much louder.

I use Movavi video editor which makes it SO easy to record your audio track, then go back and simply slice out any speaking errors. Making my meditation video left me with some hilarious audio outtakes I just wove together as my blooper reel for my hubby to laugh himself to death over.

Leaving those bloopers in, however, would have been distracting, to say the least! With Movavi, none of those were in my final recording. Others here may know better audio/video tools and tips, but you now have mine from my VERY LIMITED stock of video recording experience. LOL.

Great training, and I really look forward to your future pieces of training!

You are a natural teacher.

howdoiblog Premium
Thank you so much, Desa!
I really appreciate your in debt comment, kind words and helpful advice.

I am just after listening to your drenched in a purple light guided meditation.
Your voice is pure and calming!
Yes, you are absolutely right that sound bloopers in your recording would have been very distracting.

I simply don't spend the time to perfect my audio, but I will make a point to remain still while recording.

I am looking forward to reading your blog and listen to your future recordings!

Warm regards,