WA LIVE Niche Case Study Series: Week 4 of 5
1 hour Live Video Training
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APR 2016
Presented by magistudios
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5 Week LIVE Niche Case Study Series!

Watch Jay build a live niche website in real time!

This is the 4th week of our LIVE Niche Case Study month.
For the next 5 weeks, Jay will go through the entire process of building a niche website.

From keyword research to ranking in search to earning profits!
LIVE! Right in front of you and using all the tools provided by WA!

Join Jay (magistudios) for a 5 part live training series on building a business from scratch.

Week 4: This week he will continue to add content and show you how to properly post to social media along with some secret sauce exposed!

* Please have your WA time zone set correctly.
Click here to learn how to set your time zone.

Webinar Benefits & Learning Outcomes
Week 4 Recap
What Jay Did Between the Week
What Jay add more content to the site
What Jay Monetize the site
Here comes the secret sauce!
Live Q & A Session
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AlexEvans rated this Webinar 10/10
Hi, Jay you make everything look so easy and straight forward. The great thing about this training is that the information can be implemented with success into our individual niches with great effect. I have definitely worked out that I am a visual person when in a learning situation. Thank you.
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Rank 2750
SuphatPasree rated this Webinar 10/10
Very good.
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