Here is you adjust your WA account to sync with your own timezone. By doing this, all WA announcements (like WAbinars) will coincide with your own timezone.

Step 1)
Click on Account Settings which is located on the bottom left of your WA page.


Step 2)
Find the Time Zone setting and click on Change

Step 3)
Find your appropriate timezone within the dropdown

4) Now press the Save button

Bingo! You will NEVER miss another WAbinar announcement again!

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I checked my timezone setting by clicking on the clock in the rite corner. It's correct, do we also have to check out your settings for my time zone or can we assume that you have the right one already?

magistudios Premium Plus
Hi Joe,

If it's correct, then there is nothing you need to do.

VitaliyG Premium Plus
You should be fine Joe :)
Thank you. Now I'm at square one and very frustrated! I want to get started. As I see it, this means a website that gets lots of regular traffic so I can get out there, or am I missing something? Does Wordpress cost money and/or is it free either in perpetuity or for a time? I still don't know how to logoff here and i don't think it's a good idea to just let it time-out. Joe
VitaliyG Premium Plus
Nope you have the traffic thing down Joe. Making it come to your site is the hard part though.

Wordpress is just a platform for your website. It comes with the sites here in WA and doesn't cost anything.

Logging out of here is easy. Just head over to the top right corner where you can see your image where it says "no image available" in a box. Click on that and a menu will open up that will say log out.
Larry_T Premium
Thanks for the tutorial, Jay.
wildbillh Premium
Thank you for the heartfelt welcome,@ work now so only have a moment to say hello & glad to be here! Will be back tonight when I have computer@home.
MsalichumaG Premium
Hi there am trying to check my time zone here in that box up there am not access it, am living Tanzania East Africa can I access the live webinar class of June 5, 2015?
ScottWill Premium
I think
Europe/Minsk will work for you
MsalichumaG Premium
Okay thank you sir!!
My cell phone has under "tools" a "World Clock" feature. If yours does too, then you should be able to bring up a world map with all the time zones on it where you can check this out.
lisawells Premium
It appears that WA has changed its format since the above instructions - how to do this now? There doesn't appear to be a place in the current Wabinar area.
Carson Premium Plus
Hey Lisa,

Time Zones are now managed in your Account settings page here:

Jay has just updated this tutorial so it's current with the new interface.

Hope this helps,