Introduction To Website Comments On Wealthy Affiliate.

It does not matter what your website is about or the niche you are trying to advertise one thing is true for both. If you do not have any visitors to your website you are not going to get anywhere with them.

The process of website promotion has changed an awful lot over the years and one of the main things now is that the post has to be socially engaging and Google has to pick up the fact that there are some real word interactions going on with your work, these are called social signals.

What are Social Signals?

Almost anybody in the internet marketing world now will have their own social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter etc. and will have a strategy in place for sharing their work out. One important area is the comments on those pages and how you get them.

In the old days you used to have to rely on your pages to rank well and then people would start commenting on them. These days we have something slightly better.

How Do I Get Website Comments In Wealthy Affiliate

There has always been a system in place for getting comments on your pages you would simply comment on three others and then add your latest post to the top of the list. This worked ok but was open to some abuse where people did not follow instructions properly.

Now there is a brand new system for getting website comments and in the following pages I want to walk you through that to try and get more people using it.

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startouched Premium
Hi Andy,

Thanks for posting this. I have a question, however. I got through one of the "Offer Comments" successfully, but when I tried to offer another comment, the comment checker came back and said that my comment was not unique, that it had found that I had posted that comment somewhere else. What the heck is it looking for? I did not that same comment on another site because in most cases my comments tend to have a particular format. When the comment checker is checking, what exactly is it checking?
Timard Premium
Great job on the tutorial Andy, it is something we can all use in our future endeavors it will come in pretty handy, specially for the newbies. Thanks Andy.
DoubleTap Premium
Great job on this tute, Andy!
andygiffy Premium
Dinh Premium
great tutorial!
andygiffy Premium
Thankyou :)
Dan-L Premium
I use them all the time. Great training.
andygiffy Premium
Thanks Dan