How many times have you looked ahead of yourself and thought, "I'll never get done with this?"

Picture: That's what I thought when I found my house, in the picture, full of about three feet of snow last year. It took four hours of non-stop shoveling to clear it out.

We've heard it all about eating the proverbial elephant one bite at a time or moving the mountain one rock at a time and it all sounds very exciting when you are talking about it or thinking about it. However, it's a totally different animal when you are standing in front of the mountain or ready to take your first bite out of the elephant. This is where people fail. This is where people look at what's ahead of them and psych themselves into failure. I know it sounds bad but all of us do it. We look at an enormous job and think to ourselves, "I can't do it" or, "I'll never get done with this" , and the worst part is:
If you keep that frame of mind,... you're right. You will fail.

If I would have become discouraged, given up or failed when i made this firepit, I probably would have either spent a freezing cold night wide awake or just plain froze to death.

But there's a trick to this.

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willdoweb Premium
Thank you all!
mckventure Premium
You are my kind of storyteller! Love the analogy of home building compared to the Online Business building project. I have thought of that many times as I have built a house before from the ground up! The only two working on the project was my brother and myself.

It was a very large project much like the online business building project I have going right now! Only difference? Yeah I have much more help and direction than my brother and I had as we built a house together.

Hope to see you around the WA!
yessharon Premium
I think that looking at what you have accomplished and being grateful for what you have and what you are doing will make Internet Marketing easier and more rewarding.
hiii everyone, im new here :)
willg Premium
Welcome! Just ask if you have questions. everyone here is very helpful.
While the message is so simple, i think it is extremely important. I love your story and you just gave me the lil push I needed to keep going today =).