The Road to Wealth begins with your Mind
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Training by Vickic3
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Description In this training, I am hoping to share some gold nuggets with you as well as answer any questions you may have regarding moving forward with ease and creating true success with your online future
I am a Personal Development/Success Coach and have been for around 10 years now and I hope to bring some good resources and help to you as we go through this training
Course Benefits & Learning Outcomes
Mindset,Goals, Planning, Risks, Self Belief, Motivation
Gaining more Self Confidence
Leadership Skills
Learn Mind Power
Better Motivation
Risk Taking
Better Planning
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Happy2Learn rated this Course 9/10
Hi Vicki
Thank you for this great training on motivation and goal setting. Re-setting my goals and clarifying my focus was exactly what I needed to do with the build up to Christmas. Thanks for creating this for us all.
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