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The SiteFeedback platform here at Wealthy Affiliate is part of the Premium offering and allows anyone to get constructive and targeted feedback on their website, pages, and/or posts that they create.

This is a pay it forward system, where you earn credits for offering feedback to others then you can use those credits to "request feedback" from the community. When you have "fresh" eyes on your website, it can help you drastically improve your website and improve your skills for making your website more readable, better designed, and much more user friendly.

In this tutorial I will walk you through:

  • Benefits of using the SiteFeedback System
  • How to Access Your SiteFeedback
  • Understanding Your SiteFeedback Notifications
  • Proper Practices for Offering Feedback to others
  • How to Request Comments on Your Website
  • Managing your Feedback Discussions

If you have any questions relating to the SiteFeedback platform, please leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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Marloo Premium
Im gonna jump in and say that i have seen feedback and read chats where that is being done kind of regularly. Maybe if ask they will take a look. Part of the training is to go back and make sure you did certain things. This is so much better than trying to do it by myself for 20 years.
01affilate01 Premium
Just wondering:
Before a website is up and running, does anyone at Wealthy Affiliate give it the once over to make sure that everything from the backend was done the right way?

Not just feedback as to how the website looks but, from the backend in the actual setup of the website.

I ask this only because I'm new to this.
Yenzeka Premium
I'm new too and honestly I don't think so but, there's a section in the siterubix tab that informs you of the site health so I think you need to follow that because it tells you what you need to lookout for.
ArianaM2 Premium
Nope but you are going step by step from the training so you will be alright. I was new as well and everything worked out fine. You can ask questions in classrooms or on the live chat and you will get help when you need it. Good luck!
heatherplude Premium
I am confused why anyone would use the "Site Feedback" link where you are forced to give 2 reviews to get one when they can go over to this post and put up their site and not (necassarily)give back? I know it is suggested to give reviews there too - but I don't see it happening

Also - I gave 4 long reviews - with a lot of detail.

I received one of my 67 word review (I requested 2 -still hoping the second one will be more detailed!)
I thought I had seen or heard in the guidelines to leave no fewer than 250 words - why is there not a stop on that page - when someone submits feedback that is not long enough (in words) it should not give them a credit or take credit away from someone who took the time to leave a detailed review.
DynamicDavid Premium
The Site Feedback option means that you will get at least 1 feedback for your 2 feedbacks. The other thread, where you put up your domain name, and then 'hoped' to get feedback does not 'always work'. You get zero, one or more feedbacks.

Also you are assuming that the longer the feedback, that the more useful it is. This is not always the case. Different people see different things, and provide different feedback which is the nature of it. Some people will say "love your feature x" and others will say "hate your feature x".... so which is "more correct?"... That is then your call.

If I said "I think you are missing a clear CTA in your post" that could be something really useful to you. As you may know, a clear CTA is a call to action and is usually at the bottom of a post, inviting the reader to do something that you want them to do in return for something else. In my opinion, no post should be without a clear CTA (apart from the "legal posts").
MaryCameron Premium
perhaps the content was such that they couldn't find 250 words for. I did a feedback review of a site recently, the content was of a high standard that there was little I could add to improve it. I didn't make the 250 words either. I managed to scrape up to 140
KMrwashu1 Premium
Hi Everyone, kindly assist I created a new .com website but used a new/different name the one I had initially under siterubix, now I'm sooo confused that my new website is different to my content. I had thenaturalbeautyfix.siterubix and now bought a .com and named it the trick is I had to transfer the content on thenaturalbeautyfix to at the moment I have am not sure where to work from now?
rusik77 Premium
Hi! Thee is no problems with the domain. You should transfer your website from siterubix to Go to SiteManager, push the move button, then push To An Existing Domain. From the list choose your domain and push I'm ready move my site. That's it. Your website will be on your domain. It doesn't matter domain name. Feel free to ask me any further questions if you have any
KMrwashu1 Premium
Thank you so much, will do it thanks
jared247 Premium
You can work from your new website and delete the siterubix one. You can change the titles on your new site to match the domain name if you want.
KMrwashu1 Premium
Awesome, will definately do that. Thanks a mil.
cajunbayou59 Premium
I have yet to give feedback and get feedback, but I understand the reasoning for this early feedback even though we don't have a complete website. Feedback now will guide us on to the next steps of building our website and possibly put us in a new or better direction with our site that we weren't aware of. So we should welcome the feedback so we can build that #1 ranking website. I wish the best to everyone.