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In this training video I am going to walk you through the process of the initial setup of your Bootcamp website. I also cover some of the main aspects of getting your website ready for content and ready to get indexed within the search engines (like Google).

Here are some of the topics that are going to be covered:

  • How to access your Wordpress admin area
  • Understanding the different sections of Wordpress
  • What plugins are and the benefits of them
  • Understanding the Kraken, & The SEO Framework Plugins
  • Activating your Wordpress plugins
  • Removing the "default" dummy content installed with Wordpress
  • Removing the "Just Another Wordpress Website" text from your site
  • What "Not Found" means after you delete your dummy content

If you have any questions about anything within this video, please leave your comments below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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Thanks I have learnt loads from this video
Kyle Premium Plus
Excellent, that is great to hear Shaunea. You are going to learn a lot more as you move through the training. :)
MelanieHarv3 Premium
kyle I really need to know about registering our domains and websites I have applied to quite a few affiliate positions and some ask for a registered domain and or website this really has me confused i would appreciate someone telling me or explaining it to me

Melanie Lynne
TheAbiePPlus Premium Plus
You can go here and register a domain name

Affiliate programs typically check content and TRAFFIC elements prior approval.

You may start with a siterubix subdomain around a focused niche and build up content and until you are satisfied with your niche and name, down the line have your own dot com, as some affiliate programs do not work with a subdomain. Cost of which is $15 yearly each privacy included. You can then move your siterubix to your dot com applying the move feature found within the site manager which is an easy process.

Also please be aware that your desired dot com domain name may not be necessarily available at time of purchase.

Another reason is that if you made a mistake on a dot com domain, you won't be able to edit the URL, you'd have to purchase a new one.
Am well with the training, Leader.
JHawumba Premium Plus
I have enjoyed the lesson and have finished the 1st task i.e. of cleaning up the dummy content. I am now ready for the next step. I am enjoying every step
Kyle Premium Plus
Excellent Joseph. How are things going with your bootcamp website so far?
JHawumba Premium Plus
So far so good. Only that for the last two-three days I was in the field doing some work but will catch up when I come back. Thank you for the training
RSobhani Premium Plus
Good refresher, I had forgotten some of the things that I could do. Thanks
Kyle Premium Plus