Alright, all set-up, that was quick and painless eh? Mad Mimi's "Mission" is to make things easy and simple, because they were fed up with using the other auto-responders, so made their own.

Before we get too lost and start exploring, I want to direct your attention to this little button midway down your "dashboard" (should be the first page you come to after completing set-up).

I'm not sure why it is such a sneaky button, or maybe my eyes aren't as good as they used to be. Anyway, click that, and you can start building your first capture form. In this case, it is called "Webform"

Don't let the bright orange Compose button draw you away, you have nobody to send an e-mail to yet, so you needn't compose anything.

Ok, you managed to drag yourself away from the bright colours and hit the Webform button. This is what you will see.

Hopefully you can make this out clearly. If not, hit CTRL + to zoom in. (That is CTRL and PLUS)

Number 1 = The name of your webform. Users won't see this, but one day you might be premium and have a number of different webforms, so this one helps you identify it. I changed mine to Guide.

Number 2 = Add any extra fields. By default you only have Email, but I wanted to add Name. There doesn't appear to be a limit, but the fewer the better or people will not bother to sign up.

Number 3 = If you want to make the "Name" field mandatory, check the box so that a tick appears as in the picture.

In essence, your webform is now completed. With this, you will be able to click on the "Embed" tab above the form and copy and paste the code (Either styled or simple - some themes don't support styled) into your website and hey presto it is up and running.

If you want to have the webform in your sidebar, so it is present on all your pages, you can do the following:
1. Copy the embed code (styled).
2. Go into your dashboard and click on "Appearance -> Widgets"
3. If you don't care about having a logo on your webform, drag the 'text' widget into your sidebar and paste the code into that. You can also write a message above/below the code such as "Sign up for a free cookie" or whatever you wish.
4. If you DO want a logo to appear then you will need to use the Image Widget (this is a plugin).

Now, let's look at some more advanced features. On the right hand side, above where number 1 is written, you will see three tabs. "Details" (the one we are now on) "Theme" (the design of your form, I will let you explore that by yourself) and "Advanced".

Click "Advanced" then head over to the next page.

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Okay Steve, I'm a newbie and need clarification What is e-mail drip mean?
bryonbrewer Premium
e-mail drip is where someone receives emails automatically after signing up, like you sign up, then every day, or every week/month (whatever you choose) you automatically receiving an email. Say you sign up for a 7 day course, every day you receive a new email "day 1" "day 2" etc
Steve Wood Premium
Be careful when you use the email drip. Madmimi is not over keen on finding any affiliate links inside the drip you set up. Before they start to send the follow up mails, they check the contents of the email drip for the peruse of account activation... If they find any, they will not activate the auto send.

I tested this out some time ago when you were required to pay for the email drip add on for Madmimi.

This is what you will most likely get in your e-mail box.

Hi there,

Dustin from Mad Mimi here. Taking a further look at the send you're working on, I'm afraid we will be unable to mail on your behalf. We've had very unfortunate results with similar mailings in the past, and we can't actually send affiliate-related content like this. I wish I had better news, but at this point another provider will be a better fit for your sending needs. We wish you the best with your future efforts.


So for those who are going to rush over there keep in mind that you could work on a follow up drip feed for nothing... Keep affiliate links out of it and just link to your blog posts, reviews and pages.

bryonbrewer Premium
thanks that it very useful information
jespinola Premium
Good training. I've been using Madmimi and in my experience there has been very good but actually has more features awber. For new members would be a good starting option Madmimi
bryonbrewer Premium
oh thati s interesting to hear, I think if you exclude the first month for $1 option that Aweber has, madmimi also has similar prices
jespinola Premium
yeah you are right :)
can we edit the message in the webform to ath the visitors eye? like in your form it written " WRITER BITS"

bryonbrewer Premium
yeah that is under the "theme" tab, or you can choose to just not upload it if you put it into the text widget it won't show up
BIS Premium
Hi Dom
I think this is great training for anyone who wants a free option and doesn't want to start paying out for Aweber.

bryonbrewer Premium
thanks! glad Rich showed it to me