The Google Catalogs app is a great resource to have at your fingertips to search for niche ideas. It can be downloaded to an ipad or android tablet.

  1. Search the app store for Google Catalogs
  2. Download the free app from the app store to your tablet.
  3. Tap on the Catalogs icon.

As you can see in the picture above, the catalogs are organized by categories. There are numerous catalogs for each category. Giving you endless ideas for creating a niche.
  • Tap on an icon and select a catalog in your niche.
  • Tap on a picture to see more info.
Some of the catalogs have videos embedded so that you can watch a demonstration of the product.

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nabilex Premium
Thanks for sharing ...
swati1345 Premium
Thankyou for this info.
yessharon Premium
Your Welcome.
Shawn Martin Premium
Thanks for the tip here.
paci Premium
Great tip, this also work if you want new content, sometimes i check niche and content
ideas from iTunes Podcasts/iTunes U (
yessharon Premium
Pictures are always worth a thousand words that is why I like this app. I will try the itunes podcasts/itunes U also.