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In this video, I show you HARD PROOF that Jaaxy's numbers are REAL.
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Ariel120 Premium
Thanks for the video jay!!
Freedomseekr Premium
Thanks for the video Jay! Very helpful to see. I am definitely going to try out Jaaxy very soon, but I must set up the Google Analytic yet and webmasters for my site too. These few things are going to be my next project! Thanks again :)
TJ Books Premium
Great video. Good info. Of course I have always believed Jaaxy without proving it. Blessed are they that believe without seeing. Gospel of JTJ. Thanx! John
jespinola Premium
Hey Jay a great video. this video clarifies my question about jaaxy :)
jpnetco Premium
Hi Jay great video thanks for making it. Of course I have questions and I hope you don't mind. 1. On your webmasters tools you noted a certain amount of click throughs. What exactly does that mean since there is nothing on your site to click through unless it is referring to things such as your privacy policy page, about me page etc. I always thought click throughs referred to clicking on links going elsewhere such as aff links etc. 2. According to seo quake your new site has a PR2, how could that be? Do you thing the fact that your about page links to your G+ page? Also seo quake is showing 6 google indexed pages and bing shows 4, but I don't see that you actually have 6 pages on the site. And lastly, I know you've been asked this before, but, are you and David J. Peyton actually one in the same? Could it be that you are actually brothers? or Did you just find some stock photos and assume an alter ego? lol
Anyhow, great lesson(s) here and I hope you can shed a little light on my questions. Thanks in adavance for we do not know what tomorrow holds.
magistudios Premium Plus
Hey Johnney,

1) Click throughs that were shown from the Webmaster tools represent the amount of people who click to the site from the search result.

2) Google tends to treat sites that have G+ stuff on it a little better. So, yes.. this could be the result of G+ & Authorship

3) There is a category that is indexed from the blog, so this could be a factor

4) Well..
Clark Kent/Superman
Peter Parker/Spiderman
They all had alter egos.. lol

DJP is a pen name that I use for case studies and testing.
jpnetco Premium
Thanks Jay, that makes perfect sense about click throughs, don't know why I missed that, but now I know. Or should I say, thanks, Affiliateman. lol