As you keep on striving through the blogging ride, you must consider to build your blog on the solid & proven fundamentals lest you've been running off the track. You’ll feel highly frustrated to have been on a blog for years only to discover later that you’ve been riding off the track.

Don’t you think you should patiently learn the basics of blogging and implement these in your daily blogging routine? Or would you be comfortable working day and night without being able to ascertain whether or not you've been riding on track?

Far back in 2008 when I was struggling with a blog, I discovered that I’ve been doing it the wrong way for months and years which was the exact cause of the low traffic on my blog. How I wish I knew all these fundamentals then!

Whether you are just starting out or you’ve been in the blogging game for some years now, endeavor to check these out in case there could be one or two things you have been doing wrongly without knowing at all.

In order to help boost your patience and to make you shine in the blogging ride, I want to analyze these 10 pillars of blogging in a simple way.

Here are the 10 blogging pillars on which you must build your blog:

  1. Create different forms of content for preferences
  2. Stay on point
  3. Use authentic monetization
  4. Engage in outreach campaign
  5. Hire people to help you do the jobs you can’t handle alone
  6. Blog with passion and see money as mere additions
  7. Create bonds through email
  8. Stand out through your personal story
  9. Build engagement with your subscribers
  10. Promote authority bloggers in your industry

Create Different Forms of Content for Preferences

In order to satisfy and appeal to the large audience, use the different forms of content on your blog. For the sake of individual preferences, provide the various forms such as eBooks, audio books, videos and podcasts. Some may prefer podcasts to watching videos.

Using several forms will help you reach out to more audiences and you’ll improve your bounce rate.

You wouldn’t have to be using the text-based content alone as you know some may not have the time to read your texts but would love to watch the live broadcasts on your blog.

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JulietAA Premium
Thanks Israel,
For these pointers
I need to get to work now.
Israel17 Premium
Exactly, Juliet, kudos for making positive resolutions to get to work now! Much excited at seeing you step forward in the blogging ride! Build your blog on solid, proven fundamentals and you'll be happy at getting results soon. See you at the top soon! Thanks for reading other resources!

Israel Olatunji
ecomtom Premium
More great advice Israel. Keep it coming. Tom
Israel17 Premium
Hey Tom, thanks for stopping by! It's great for struggling veteran bloggers to believe in what experts are saying regarding the right strategies to implement for blogging. And I've endeavored to listen to experts in my industry, thus, I'm improving my blog seriously.

Build your blog on proven, solid pillars and you'll be a witness to the strategies that really work. Thanks for your lovely visit!

The following resources may be helpful: Israel Olatunji
ecomtom Premium
Thanks Israel. Your help and encouragement is greatly appreciated. Tom
FKelso Premium Plus
Your posts are always insightful. From this list, I see a few things I need to work on. Thanks, Israel.
Israel17 Premium
Wow, thanks for making this point, FKelso! You're an awesome friend and a rock star as usual. Kudos for finding my training helpful and for seeing you make resolutions to work on some important areas. You are much cherished, friend. Thanks for stopping by! See you at the top soon! And congratulations on your ambassadorship! I should have said this a few days ago but it actually escaped my mind. Thanks for being there!

Israel Olatunji
Dhind1 Premium Plus
Fundamentals are always best to master first. Once you do - everything else flows easier, and it is possible to do new things based on those fundamentals.

Thank you for this post.
Israel17 Premium
Thanks for your great contribution, Dhind1! You are highly cherished for this, friend. Yeah, the fundamentals should first be mastered prior doing other things necessary lest one starts beating about the bush which may be frustrating eventually. Your points are great and noteworthy. Thanks for contributing greatly!

Israel Olatunji