I once heard that the best thing to do with social networks is not to share your posts with others to try and get an audience.

Instead, what if you could get the main influencers in your niche to share your content with THEIR audience?

Sounds much more constructive doesn't it?

A couple of months ago Neil Patel, James Schramko, Jon Cooper, Jon Haver, Doug Cunnington, Stuart Walker, Justin Cooke and a few other big names in the SEO and IM niche tweeted an article that I wrote on my site out to their Twitter followers.

Combined, they have close to 100,000 Twitter followers.

Naturally, I got new followers, re-tweets, favorites, and a few other mentions.

Oh and my website traffic increased 300% that day too.

Two weeks ago I wrote another article, and got similar results. This time Spencer Haws of nichepursuits fame and Glen of ViperChill also got involved in the tweeting.

Here's what it looks like to go viral on Twitter:

That's just a small snippet of what you could achieve too!

The problem is, most people have no idea how to approach the big guns.

Well, that's what this training is all about.

I'm going to teach you how to:

  • Get influencers in your niche sharing your content
  • Get people naturally linking to your best content
  • Network with others for future guest blogging opportunities
  • Attract high quality referral links and traffic

Now I know some of you may be thinking:

Back-links aren't worth it.

You're right. Doing stuff for the sake of a backlink can be time consuming and there is oftentimes little pay off.

But it's definitely not a bad thing to have the big names in your niche sending traffic your way.

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fairo Premium
Thanks DomW this has been helpful
Mark Tait Premium
Hey Dom,

I think you just changed my blogging life.

I was reading your content here at WA and I love it!

Seriously - I've been following a while, and reading over and over again many of your posts here and on your site. It's starting to sink in, and will hopefully result in some good site(s) and content in the coming months.

All the best, Mark
rebeccas Premium
Smart strategy, Dom. I like your approach. Congratulations on your success.(:o) Rebecca
ar20746 Premium
Thank you very much. One of the best training here. Slowly I begin to understand all this games around social networks etc.
Christabelle Premium
Wow! This is excellent training that I look forward to implementing when I am a bit further along! Thank you! Christa :)