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Presenting One Page of Power:

Hi there!

Would you like to know how to make your very own one sheet marketing tool template in Wealthy Affiliate?

I have some ideas to share with you!

Closed Captioning was a combination of Screen Cast O Matic, along with Google Slides with PowerPoint. It is not exactly correct, but I hope the captions are helpful.

Please like/share/comment and let me know if you have any questions. Or you can send me a PM with your One Sheet, I would love to spell check or give you feedback.

Thank You & Kind Regards,

Nurse Becca

-R. Nixon, RN, CLNC

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Twack Premium
'The Hostess with the Mostess.' This and funnels are on my 'must learn to do' to do list. Thank you.
NnurseBecca Premium
Ohhh! I am very flattered! Thank you for joining me on my adventures ☺ you are quite welcome of course!
georkeis Premium
Nice video. Don't know if it's the same thing but a page where you put say your content for your blog, then because each social media prefers different ways for the content to be fed, you will put some flags or modifiers to optimize your content for different social media. And when you publish to all relevant places the content is fed in the best possible manner for that place.
But I guess there is this kind of software I am just unaware of it. Now for a song I need a refill haha!
NnurseBecca Premium
Dear George,
Thank you! I appreciate your feedback. The content of a one sheet can be used to make a tweet, pin, FB post or instant message. I hope that makes more sense. And in the same respect, if you have a post that is very successful then you can use that content to make a one sheet that you can further distribute. You have a great point, and now to see my song I earned lol thank you again. Still feels like a treat for my work when you send me a song🙂🙂🙂
NnurseBecca Premium
That was hilarious snoop in plaid pants made me laugh so hard. He must have had a hangover to wear that too funny
SAWalden Premium
Thnak you for sharing this! I've been toying with power point to create a "watchable" animated presentation myself - primarily as an attempt to reduce the number of images in each of my posts.

Your One Sheet Marketing Tool Template is awesome! I want to try that next!
NnurseBecca Premium
Aw ! Thank you so much. I am looking for improvements to make for my next video about how to create closed captions. Do you see areas I may improve to make the next presentation better? I am so glad you like my one sheet template that is awesome😁💟✌💝🙏
SAWalden Premium
Hi Becca,

Sorry about taking so long to reply but you so inspired me to finally create a YouTube channel and create and upload my first video that I've done precious little since embarking on this venture!

I went back into some old ppt files and picked out a few slides that I had used as static photos on an article I posted last year on my website. From these, I created another power point presentation with slide transitions and timings. My video doesn't have any sound or other audio however, I could easily add it as power point also has the capability to create closed captioning. And under the closed caption menu are 4 or 5 different options for where and how to place the captioning!

Until today, I was not aware of the possibility to easily convert a ppt file to an MP4 without downloading additional software but power point has that capability built in!

I may be arriving way late to the party but once I discovered this I felt you may benefit from this as well. Not that you need this information to improve your video - it works great just as it is!

But, I'm thinking it may be worthwhile to consolidate closed captioning, file conversion and slide production into one program instead of two or three.

I can't wait to see your next video and see what you have been able to create!

NnurseBecca Premium
Dear Susan,
Way to go! Getting started on video is a lot of work on top of everything I had to re record screencast and took me most of the day almost didn't send out invoices ugh. The video isnt perfect but I like your idea. Maybe I should do it over but I will think about that a different day. I was up til after midnight for closed captions and video reproduction. Yes the clever built in convertable file types is nice. Have a great day.
NnurseBecca Premium
You're quite welcome, I hope the video helps!:)
Jadatherapy Premium
Thank you for sharing Nurse Becca, this was very interesting, Much appreciated