The single greatest aspect of Wealthy Affiliate is by far the community. WA has tens of thousands of members and they all are working towards the same goal you have: build a successful business online.

A large part of becoming successful at Internet Marketing is your ability to socialize. You really can’t do this entirely on your own. Lucky for you, you’re now part of the Wealthy Affiliate community and can meet new people, make friends, and work with others towards success.

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Your personal WA space is a lot like a Facebook profile. Take some time to fill it out. You can add pictures, create a biography, and run your own personal blog. Use this space often to connect with people. Your blog posts will be shown in your friend’s network and the global activity feed.

The point of all this is to network. Build strong relationships with other people and make friends. You can use these friendships later in your career to exchange ideas, links, posts, or even create joint-ventures and share lists.

Do not overlook this tip.

The most successful internet marketers are the ones who know how to network.

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Yes thanks steve, I have ideas for niches but not sure if they are too broad or not checked into a few here on Google Trend Search, so far a couple were really good. If I could run them by you and see what you think that would be great!
mgmnika Premium
Great tips, very motivational ! I like the part most about not giving up after a month and to really invest long-term.. I start to be more and more convinced each day I go on the WA website that I should go premium. I'd love the idea of just writing content for a great website first and simply having people enjoying your work along the process, sure the next step is then how to make sure they keep on visiting!
Steve, really good tips. Apart from the site I'm setting up with WA training, i have a personal blog that is also wordpress based. I find that many of these tips spill across to that too.

If I'd known about WA earlier I would have been so much further by now.

Thanks for the tips and advice,

Orji Premium
thanks for the information
,l really want to know after writing my first blog how do l start to earn with it,And l again i want to upgrade my premium but again l want to start earning first before l can upgrade it.hope is not a bad idea right?
upsgirl Premium
Just keep following the training. Kyle will teach you. We are here to help, if needed!
I 'm glad i read this because i have been focusing on #3, so I can put a quality website online. This is an encouragement to me that I was already on the right tract, I know I will need help with #6 and #11, and #15 was an idea I had already contemplated. Thanks!