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Getting Other People to Promote YOUR Stuff !!

Okay, previously I did a wee gig on KLOUT and how you can find influencers out there in the marketing arenas and get them to promote your articles. I hang out on Klout daily as well as a few of the other places I have (and will) mention. If you missed it, here are some quick links to previous traffic sources:

What is Klout all About ? - The first Klout training

Get Your Content VIRAL - More on Exposure, Branding, Traffic - ViralContentBuzz

Exposure, Traffic, Branding and more: inbound - Inbound.Org

Well, after the intro to Klout video, I received a few questions, so I thought I would delve a wee bit deeper and show you a few quick tips if you did get into Klout. In this video I show you how to use the Chrome plug-in and I mention using the Klout mobile app which is VERY handy when I'm away from my lappie.

Here are a few screenshots of the Klout app from my iPhone:

1. Here, you'll see the articles across the bottom of the screen and you simply swipe Left to see more. Then, when you find one you like, drag it UP.

2. I selected one on Content Marketing, drug it up to the top to Share it. But, i might tweak it a bit and add a couple of hashtags. This definitely increases engagement.

Also, you can turn off Facebook OR Twitter simply by tapping each icon at the top and share to one or the other or leave it as default and share to both:

3. And, you can check your daily Klout Score as well as change topics:

So, as you can see, it's a pretty handy app. I use it frequently when in line at the store, in the waiting room at the doc, in between sets at the gym and so on!

Give it a shot!

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P.S. Also, don't forget to check out this FREE traffic source also:

FREE:Get Other People to Promote YOU! - Branding, Influencers, Traffic

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MKearns Premium
Thank you for more relevant Klout information.
PjGermain Premium
Thanks again, Michael!
mckm Premium
Thanks for the extra info. I signed up only today and I'm still trying to get my head around it but this conforms and adds to what I've discovered.
VRudio Premium
Thank you for another great training class. Best wishes and continue in your success to all your endeavor.
theresroth Premium
Fantastic to hear and see these great things, PJ, you never stop becoming an even better version of yourself every day!
Thanks so much☺
PjGermain Premium
Thanks so much, Therese!
sbelore Premium

If you keep this training schedule up I'm going to have to start calling you the professor. You're a gold mine of knowledge my friend! Thanks for the tip about justretweet! I see you have content on there tonight. I shared a bunch of your content!
PjGermain Premium
LOL! Much appreciated, Scott!