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Get Other People to Promote YOUR Stuff!

Continuing my short series on branding, exposure, promotions and how to get other peeps to promote your website, articles and affiliate products.

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Okay, in this video I share another website I used DAILY -

Now, don't be fooled by the name. While it was initially built around Twitter (and you are required to have a Twitter account just to log in,) you can also share on Facebook and Google Plus.

This site is also absolutely FREE to join. It's somewhat like a traffic exchange, BUT much more powerful. Traffic exchanges are limited to the members that join and typically that's a small number. Once you've promoted a little while, you're simply promoting to the same people over and over again.

So, while the traffic exchanges have their place, I personally feel these types of websites are much more powerful, have a greater reach and as I have pointed out several times, used by many influencers and six-figure earners out there. I have made some great connections with influencers on this and the other sites I have mentioned. They are truly powerful ways to gain exposure and increase traffic.

So, check it out and I do hope it helps!



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MarthaQ1 Premium
I'll check it out, sounds interesting....
PjGermain Premium
Thanks Martha!
HPearson Premium
No pets allowed!!
PjGermain Premium
LOL! Sorry dear!!! But, there is an "other" category and like I mention, I have seen AND PROMOTED non-marketing websites like that guy's Jokes website.
HPearson Premium
I'll give that a try, although they said specifically no pets. I'll let you know.
Toshmack Premium
Many thanks for this, I'll check it out.
Great information, by the way.
Cheers, Tosh :)
PjGermain Premium
Awesome Tosh!
Steve1958 Premium
Thanks very much for sharing this info!
Very handy...:)
PjGermain Premium
Thanks Steve!!
nnamdi2019 Premium
This is beautiful PJ. Thank you for all these useful information you are sharing with us all.