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Here is the first of many training videos from myself, I hope you like the style, but if you don't, then please do give me constructive criticism, as there's no point me doing these if they don't benefit you :-)

Please find part of the transcript below that contains the steps required.

In this lesson, we are going to cover:

  • The 9 Free Animated WA Logos
  • How You Can Download Them To Your Computer

    These animations can be used within your own videos, that you create for talking about or promoting Wealthy Affiliate, either as Intros! or as Outros! They are not intended to be used on their own, but rather as a supplement to your video creation.

    These animations have also been approved for use by both, Kyle and Carson. Although, they would like to make it clear, that these are not official Wealthy Affiliate logos.

    You can either click on the links below this video, or you can go to the blog posts.

    To find the blog posts, you can search from the Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard for, "Free Animated WA Logo For Your Videos".

    When you click on any of these posts, you will find a description on how to use them, along with a GIF image of each logo.

    Below each logo, you will find a "Download" button.

    You can either "Right-Click" this text, followed by selecting "Save Link As".

    A save as dialogue box will open, allowing you to choose where you would like to save the MP4 file to.

    Or, you can click on the "Download" text to open up the MP4 file in your browser.

    From here, you can "Right-Click" on the logo, followed by selecting "Save Video As".

    A save as dialogue box will open, allowing you to choose where you would like to save the MP4 file to.

    Once you have the logo or logo's downloaded and saved to your computer, you can then use them in your video editor software, while creating your videos to talk about or to promote Wealthy Affiliate.

    If you are looking for a "Free" video editor, I recommend using "Hitfilm Express".

    And if you are looking for a "Free" screen recorder, I recommend using "OBS Studio".

    If you liked this Training Video, don't forget to hit the "Like Button", and to share this with your referrals, if they are interested in following the "Bootcamp Course".

    Feel free to add any comments below, I would love to hear from you, and to help you where I can!

    From myself, Christine and James, we thank you for watching and we look forward to seeing you next time :-)

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    Angell70 Premium
    Hi Christopher, all I can say is.....WOW.
    I so love it that I stop everything I've done as I'm always a multifunctional lady doing 3-4 things at the same time, and just watch it, so amazing.
    I do like all let's see how easy is to implement. TY
    PS> Love to Christine and James xoxo
    BrigitteB Premium
    Thanks for this tutorial Chrystopher :).

    I enjoyed your style & I'm pretty sure it must of taken a long time to put this together. In my view well worth it & you achieved your goal of
    "I also wanted them to be engaging, classroom style and fun to watch, but whilst being short, sweet and to the point, without too much fluff. This way, you get exactly what you need, in a clear and concise manner."

    I can relate to your goal as in this day & age there is far too much stuff & fluff that saps our time & energy, when most of us just want to know how to get things done as quickly as possible.

    Are Christine & James' voices from the same text to speech software? Which one did you use for each? I've looked at several of these programmes in the past but dismissed them as the voices were still far too robotic. I definitely prefer James' voice who to me sounded more realistic & easier on the ear.

    If you're looking for training subjects ;) I would love one that walks us through creating this very tutorial.
    ChrystopherJ Premium Plus
    I really appreciate your feedback Brigitte, thank you :-)

    Both voices came from the same T2S program, yes. I actually have access to 5 different T2S services, but I prefer the one I used for this video, for efficiency and speed, as it uses an AI engine. The one that these voices came from is called Speechelo. However, when I want full granular control over the voice, I actually code every aspect of it in SSML and then pass that over to the Google T2S API (WaveNet).

    You can find the full list of tools I used in my latest blog post I'll definitely consider putting a tutorial together at some point, but I think I'll focus on getting the training out there for technical aspects first :-)
    BrigitteB Premium
    I saw your list of tools on your Three Monthiversary Post.
    That's what prompted me to view your training & cheekily ask / suggest "If you're looking for training subjects ;) I would love one that walks us through creating this very tutorial."
    to see it all come together as a how to workflow template.

    I realise now I forgot to like it then (went down the rabit hole, lol)

    I did look into Speechelo a little while back but put it in the not for now basket. Your post & training has re-peaked my curiosity in a possible solution to creating things I have in mind.
    I admit I have no idea what you're talking about re ssml but will look into the link you shared, thanks.

    I have noticed over time how you have a bank of knowledge so I am curious as to what your trainings for technical aspects will be. :)
    ChrystopherJ Premium Plus
    You're welcome Brigitte, no worries at all :-)

    It's just knowing what order to release the training in :-)
    Dhind1 Premium
    Hi Christopher. The training is good as it is I would not suggest any changes. The use of 2 personalities to run through the training is nice. I would like to check on the links (time ~4:26) that James says are available below for Hit Video Express and OBS video. I do not see them in your post anywhere.


    ChrystopherJ Premium Plus
    Apologies Alex, I will get those added now, it was a small oversight yesterday :-) and thank you for your kind words, they're really appreciated :-)
    BarbaraBC Premium
    Love, love, love. Thank you so much! I am also in love with Christine and James. Thanks for making me laugh.
    And thanks for making these videos for all of us to use. You are very generous.
    Best to you!
    ChrystopherJ Premium Plus
    You're welcome Barbara and hopefully laughing in a good way :-)
    DAnne01 Premium Plus
    Great information, thank you!

    ChrystopherJ Premium Plus
    You're welcome Anne :-)