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This is a short video to introduce myself to the WA community and speak about what my course is designed to achieve. I hope my training course is of benefit to the WA world and helps people produce high quality movies in HD to include in your websites and blogs.

Watch all my movies in HD!

All the movies I produce whether they be for this course or any other, are all produced in High Definition. If you want a "Full Screen" experience while watching my movies, simply click the full screen icon at the bottom right hand corner of every movie panel then click on the HD icon.

Be patient while the movies download onto your computer.

Because all the movies I make for this course and others are in HD, depending on your internet speed you may need to be a little patient while they download and get started. If you experience stoppages and pauses in the movie, simply click on the "Pause" button and allow the movie time to download a bit before pressing "Play" again. You'll see the download (grey) bar progressing.

I really hope you enjoy this course and thanks for dropping buy.

Kind regards,


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Great Presentation Phil Thanks
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Thanks Phil... this is a great post! :-)

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this is great, Phil!