If you have a sports blog or you’re syndicating news content, I would not recommend it. But this strategy is great for improving bounce rates and the sharing of your content by your readers.

This tutorial was created for those of you who are new to WA and internet marketing. For those of you who are not so new to the community and know your way around wordpress, then the awesome little plugin that I'm showcasing here is:Date Exclusion SEO..so that I don't bore you with how to install it :)

OK, If you're a part of the WA family then you're probably rocking So from the admin area, go to plugins – add new

see the example below

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T.Malvin Curtis Premium
That is really valuable information, thanks for the post.
myzone2012 Premium
Hello Rechest1, Thank you for this great post, I have been wanting to remove date from my post, but was not sure if it was possible and now with this, I know it is not just possible but that am able to do it, :)
rechest1 Premium
No problem guys. I get so many good inside tips here, feels good to do my part and give back!
mystidark Premium
Thanks bud, had recently read another blog post on how Google *ranks* pages without post dates slightly higher..not sure if that's the case don't have close to enough data to test that hypothesis but glad you put out a tutorial anyway!
bryonbrewer Premium
Cheers for this, I agree checking the date is something that determines whether I will read on or not quite often
Stacydee Premium
Nice plugin. Thanks for the info.