The first thing I would do is add an Author Box.

What is so good about an Author Box, is it populates each post as you create them. You don't have to put it there after each post, or add links etc. Just add all the info you want on initial set up and you are good to go.

My theme for my Losing Weight website is 'Heiro' and in

Users > Profile

is where I added all the information and social media links.

Some themes I imagine, will support different author boxes, just get searching in the admin area of your Wordpress site.

Plugin > Add new

My Example of an Author Box on a Weight Loss Site

As you can see, I am on topic, I am talking about weight loss, which is why my audience is here. However in a subtle way, I am asking my visitor if they have a passion etc and to Click here if they would like to learn how to share it.

The following code was used where the "Click here" words are now a clickable link to my WA make money online site.

Do make sure you copy this exactly. (But of course change the website page to your desired page and the Click here to the words you want to link.

<a href="">Click here</a>

So if your theme allows, definitely add an Author Box.

Always think of your website as your online real estate. Take advantage of every inch of your website, with banners and links in appropriate places.

However, NEVER EVER, overdo it with banners or links!

Next up... Where else should I put a link to Wealthy Affiliate?

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kiliwia62 Premium
Thanks, Sharon, great training :)
shazzaWA Premium
You are very welcome Sylvia!
jivitajay Premium Plus
Thanks Sharon, nice tips!
shazzaWA Premium
Thanks Shubhaangi, glad you liked them!
MikeAkers Premium
Thanks for sharing this.
shazzaWA Premium
You are very welcome Mike
Nicky33 Premium
Hi Sharon, thanks for sharing! I agree with you, it's off-putting to visit a niche website and stumble on unrelated banners promoting something else.

The ways you mention here are really subtle though, I'm going to use your tips :)
shazzaWA Premium
Hi Nicky,
Yes it is off putting. Glad you are going to give these ideas a try!
Cheers, Sharon
spurway Premium Plus
I like that and I think this is a very clever idea.
shazzaWA Premium
Thanks Sylvia!