11. Displaying product prices on your website.

I have seen a lot of websites here in WA that do this and little do they know that this can get their account banned.

The reason for this is because the prices on amazon do not always stay the same and might change. This will lead to a difference in price from your website to that of the actual price in Amazon. There are plugins that I know off that will automatically update the price if it should change, but my recommendation is to ask one of the amazon Associate's representatives for certainty.

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Steve6304 Premium
Thanks for the tip. I'm following you.
mybiz4u Premium
Thnx, V. Appreciate the reminder.
AHilke Premium
Everybody really needs to read this post so they can recognize how important it is to follow Amazon's (as well as other companies) affiliate policy.

I'm very glad I did and I will make adjustments accordingly.

Thanks for a very informative post!
Sdawson11111 Premium
I found out this week my Amazon Affiliate links were broken, no wonder I had no sales. Please check your affiliate links to make sure they actually work now if you are having no Amazon Sales.
I blogged about it on my blog.
exsean Premium
My account just got banned!

I am not in my best place....

I received this in my e-mail:

Thank you for your interest in the Amazon Associates Program.

We have completed our review of your application to the Amazon Associates Program, which included a visit to the website where you planned to create links to our store.

We found you listed the URL for your website as https://mytoddler.org. Your website includes the unapproved use of http://Amazon.com trademarked words, images, or reviews.

We do not allow the use of URLs, trademarks, logos, etc. that include words that are trademarked by http://Amazon.com LLC. This includes variations or misspellings of any trademarked words. We are therefore unable to approve your application. Accordingly, we have closed the account under which you had been temporarily approved and that approval has now ended.

If your website has been further developed and now contains appropriate content, you are welcome to submit another application by using the following URL:


Please review our Operating Agreement for further details:


We hope to see you again.


If anyone has advice please help!!!!
Valie Premium
I am sorry to hear. I would delete this article.


You also need to remove the price at the starting summary of your article and please put an affiliate disclaimer on your website.
exsean Premium
Thank you for the help, Just so you know they said the only problem that I had was that I was copying their images without an Amazon API sign up. They said that I can no longer use that login and that I need to Creat a different one!
Valie Premium
It is good to hear. Hopeful your problem will be resolved soon.
ownonlboss Premium
you can simply re-apply I believe. It just means you get a new ID for all the links you used on your pages.

Do you need to re-apply with a different email address too? In that case you make a different account on your siteEmail system.

But yes, fix stuff up first of all. I might have a similar problem now that I think of it.