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Hey everyone, so first, I HOPE you watch the video entirely! If not, go back and do it!

And if you did, then as promised, here are the 2 resources to start your success with WA:

1) Choosing your ideal niche:

2) Once it's chosen (ask me below if you need help), start the main training:

The OEC course not only helps you build a business based off your niche, but it also:

Introduces you to ALL the benefits WA holds.

Helps you get more out of the community, it's tools, services and so on.

And it's basically the most important starting training if you're just getting started and/or someone who is seeking success.

Like I tell me referrals and everyone who joins:

  • Do the training honestly, and complete the tasks in every lesson.
  • Don't short yourself and be hasty or try to get results quickly, this is not how it's done.
  • Quality effort always beats quantity effort. Be honest with yourself and do the work.
  • Ask the community for help if you get stuck.

You have all the tools to build your online business, create a passive income and succeed with Wealthy Affiliate.

Get started!

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ThomasTay Premium
Great video and advise to us.
If we are passionate about the niche we choose, we are going to feel excited everyday, or even every moment and will be eager to start the moment we wake up.
I have this experience and it help me to complete the project in super productive.
cookins25 Premium
Awesome video Vitaliy!

I like how even though making money online can be very confusing for most people, in this video you made the process simple and easy to understand.

Thanks again for this motivating video, and I know I'll be asking you several questions in the future as I continue to build my online business. :)
FrankB-1 Premium
Thanks, Vitaliy.
Great Post!
MurphysMom Premium
I sure needed to find this training. Thank you so much!

Brenda63 Premium
Hi Vitaliy. I could not understand what you said. I am Deaf, too bad this video training platform doesn’t have closed captioning enabled. You used a different video format, if it was YouTube , it would automatically closed captioned the audio within 24 hours. However, the descriptions and links provided hopefully will help in place of your audio video.
VitaliyG Premium
Hi sorry I can't help you there, but if captions do get released, then this video will be updated for it. In the meantime, the thesis of the video is simply to follow those 2 tutorials I provided links to Brenda.
Brenda63 Premium
That is great news. Thanks for being helpful.