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This is part 2 of my training on how to get over writer's block! This video is my own personal method of getting content ideas and finding inspirations for content creation.

Part 1 - How To Get Over Writer's Block!

This training is not about keyword research or competition analysis - it is purely about learning how to find ideas and content inspirations.

I will do a separate video on keyword research!

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RCollis Premium
Philip, thank you so much for parts one and two of how to overcome writers block. Finding these two training sessions has come at a perfect time for me and has indeed helped me overcome my writers block by following your techniques and suggestions.

I would say more, but I have a lot of writing ideas to put in place. Thanks again.

skandy85 Premium Plus
You better start writing! haha! Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. Much appreciated and I am glad my videos proved useful!
GinaGo Premium
Thank you!
skandy85 Premium Plus
No problem! More training on its way soon! :-)
Roland1986 Premium
Thank you so much! Very Inspiring!
skandy85 Premium Plus
Glad it was helpful!
JudsonH1 Premium
Love this! Almost avoided watching the first two videos because I had to write content and not get sidetracked. Wow, the light went on! Great exercise to warm up of overcoming writers block. Could be my ADHD brain and excuses I always give myself. I've Been wondering around my job, house, puttering with chores the last few days to avoid this while my sub conscience was working to overcome writers block for content. Perhaps, because this is a whole new element and arena for me of writing while learning the skills to build a website.

Keep forgetting writing is a process. Even as an elementary teacher I keep forgetting this process for myself to get kids motivated at times to write one or two sentences about their pet or weekend. No gain without pain! Just get through the starting steps to unclog the muck in our brain. Okay off I go now to get started. Thank you!
skandy85 Premium Plus
So glad it was of some help!

As you say, you just need to get going, then things get easier!

The more you write the easier it gets and you can really get going. Writer's block kills so many new members off at WA because they never get passed it, even when they have a fantastic idea for a blog.

Such a shame when that happens.

Hopefully this video will help people overcome this problem.
BrianCh Premium
Hi Philip, just watched part 1 and now part 2. This is very important teaching that everyone can benefit from. Thanks very much for your input.

skandy85 Premium Plus
Much appreciated. Glad you liked it. :-) Writer's block is one of the biggest obstacles I think for most newbies at WA.