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So after figuring out how to get my old editor back after updating to Wordpress 5 I have endless problems this week with my pages being broken. Each time I managed to get my pages back for a little while after fiddling with things and next day my pages were gone again just for me to repeat the same and get them back.

Finally I found a way to fix this although it won't be a permanent fix it is working for now and I have my pages. Follow the video to see how to downgrade your version of Wordpress.

Related training: Wordpress 5 Classic Editor Plugin

If you have any questions please pop them in the comments below :)

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kimgwinter Premium
Thanks Lynne, this is good to know. Fortunately I did a backup to WP Clone before updating to WP 5, and I didn't have any problems. Hope you get a more permanent solution soon.
MarkusSA Premium
Hey LynneHuy, thanks for letting us know about this work around. I'm gonna keep this bookmarked for later use. Thinking I'm going to wait till they work the bugs out of 5.0. Getting use to the update on my test site. If all goes well then I'll look at 5.2 to up date. Talk soon.

DGArchitect Premium
Thank you for the tutorial! I might need to do this as well.
LynneHuy Premium
I hope you don't need it :) Some of us have been unlucky and been given the run around with this update!
Bookmarked. I will get to this one later, Lynne.

Aria-Len Premium
Thanks so much for this! I haven't experienced this yet, but I'm going to keep this post in mind just in case this happens with any future updates!

What are your thoughts about the new Gutenberg editor? I was annoyed by it at first because I was so used to the classic editor, but it quickly grew on me once I realized how much better and professional it made my site look. I've found I'm able to customize the look of my pages and posts much more easily.
LynneHuy Premium
Hi Aria - honestly I haven't tried out the new editor because I am too busy with paid campaigns to learn how to use it! I have to spend some time figuring it out first. Hopefully in the new year I will have a little more time on my hands :)
Aria-Len Premium
Ahhhh, okie dokie!

Yeah it took me a little while to get used to it and figure out where the menu for each block is, but I'm sure you'll figure it out pretty quickly! It's just that learning curve, but a pretty small one.

Best of luck with the new editor and your ad campaigns! (I really should start working on campaigns soon, so thanks for the reminder as well haha)