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It is vital that your website is GDPR compliant - you don't want to get into any legal difficulties.

Yes it may seem like there is so much to understand, here's what you need to do to easily make your website GDPR compliant.

Here's the text that I put in my sidebar:

GDPR Request Form


Data found will be sent to your email address and allow you to put in additional request to have the data anonymized.

If you have any questions please pop them in the comments below.

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Philoh Premium
Hi Lynn, I've never heard about that plugin. Can you explain what it is?

merlynmac Premium
Put in its simplest tosses up an alert that your visitors accept allowing you to collect data. It’s for European privacy law compliance. This was an extremely simplified answer.
LynneHuy Premium
Vicky it is a legal requirement that your website is GDPR compliant - it has to do with what information your website gathers about your readers private information.
The name of the plugin is GDPR which is required if you plan to do business wuth the European market. You must have it intalled through Wordpress and it is placed on your website.

When it's on your website, you are considered to be GDPR compliant.

The training explains more about the customers data, consents and more.
Israel17 Premium
Thanks for the informative post, LynneHuy! Much grateful! You've provided a vital piece of information on what no site owner can do without which is making a site GDPR compliant. Thanks for the post!

Israel Olatunji
danijel95 Premium
I heard that this plugin causes many sites to be hacked.

Is it safe for use?

Btw great training Lynne!
Kettei Premium
That was a previous version.
The plugin was updated within 24 hours of the exploit being exposed.
Don't worry - this kind of thing could have happened to any plugin.

Put it this way - it led to four of my sites being infected and I'm still using it now I've updated it to patch the flaw. :)

Please bear in mind that my sites got infected because I wasn't maintaining the sites at the time so they remained exposed for a few months. If I'd have updated my plugins regularly, I probably would have never had a problem.
LynneHuy Premium
Hi Danijel

I believe it is safe to use, I have never had any problems. Like Phil has said any plugin can be a security risk, especially if you don't update it regularly!
NeptuneSiver Premium
Thank You, Nobody, want a fine of 20,000.000 million dollars
CandP Premium
Very helpful, Lynne, thank you.
Colette and Philip
CLandi Premium
Thank you for your help.