Displaying favorite, inspiring, motivational, etc topic-related quotes is really trendy nowadays ...

And no wonder, there are many paths a website owner can take to create an eye-catcy and memorable quote ... Quotes, braces, lines, dialogue boxes, balloons, pop-ups, sidebar widgets, etc

But there are many misconceptions out there, so first of all, let's clarify the terms ...

Pull quote ≠ Block quote ≠ Quote

A pull quote is a short excerpt from a given presented text. It can be used to pull a text passage out of the reader’s flow and give it a more dominant position in the given article.

A blockquote (block quotation) is also set off from the main text as a distinct paragraph or block, but will refer to some external citation which isn’t already mentioned in the article! And usually is placed within the reader’s flow.

A regular quote cite the content found in some other sources and usually is included to support the content rather than dominate over it.

With that having said, let's go back to the original topic ... As I said, there are many ways to display quotes on a Wordpress website.

And one of the most engaging ways is to display random, auto-rotated quotes in the sidebar. So I've decided to create this short tutorial where I will show you how easy is to display random quotes in the sidebar of your Wordpress website.


Let's do this!

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TommyVTE Premium
I like this plugin and for sure gonna use it with some motivation quotes
Thanks for again a nice little plugin
Have a great day
smartketeer Premium
Once again, thanks for the time and the feedback Tommy!
Mick18 Premium
Thanks for the tutorial Zed.
smartketeer Premium
Thanks for the time Mickey!
dowj01 Premium
Another very useful plugin and a very valid point about not using a 'smart' plugin to fetch quotes.
Thank you for the tutorial.
smartketeer Premium
Thank YOU!
lesabre Premium
Thank you Zed.
smartketeer Premium
Thank you Michael!
Motly20 Premium
More useful stuff to use. Thanks for sharing
smartketeer Premium
Thanks for the time Matthew!