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Hello My Lovely Peeps,

So, today's training is about creating your very own signature, e.g. like the Keane's signature below this page, as many of you who don't know to do would love to be able to.

It's a simple step by step video by Tavia Gooden, my business partner and my very good friend (her pic is in my profile pics) where she explains and also shows YOU how to fully design or customize your ownsignature image using a Image Composition Software called GIMP.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy! :-)

From the creator of "To making friends...

while building new bridges,"

Pleaselike, Share & Comment, if you enjoyed!

Thanks for stopping by!

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MelaniLukito Premium
Thanks for sharing.
PaulBoudreau Premium
Thanks Keane for this training ...
SFaye Premium
I was hoping to see this training. "No compatible source was found for this video"
Is all I get now
PalleyPall Premium
What's happening Keane? :) The blue lettered logo in the beginning of your video, did you use this app to create it? I don't want to assume you did, I just want to know. :)

By the way, thank you and your partner for the video instruction!! It's just what I needed!!! This is a great tool to create a favicon and others.
Keane Premium
"Hey PalleyPall!" I am doing great so far. Thanks for stopping by! And how are things on your end?

On the note of that "blue lettered logo" actually Tavia created that background ages ago use Photoshop. But, for the sake of simplicity - given most folks are designers or perhaps techie - she used "Gimp" which is a much simpler tool that Photoshop.

And you are most welcome PalleyPall; it was our pleasure my friend. Happy this tutorial was able to assist you.

Thanks for stopping by and for shedding some love!

Sending some blessings to you and the family!
Marilynm1 Premium
Clearly and calmly explained. Many thanks.
Keane Premium
Hey Marilyn. Thanks for stopping by! I really appreciate the great visit. Oh, and that's wonderful Marilyn. I am happy that you liked it.

Hope you have a GREAT evening! :-] :-] :-]

Keep shining brightly...
as always Marilyn,