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People tend to make the process of building a business online more complex than it needs to be. In this video I am going to break down the process of creating a business, explaining the 4 components that are required.

These steps are:

(1) Building a niche website
(2) Create helpful, relevant content
(3) Get Rankings & Traffic
(4) Make Money (many ways you can do this)

Notice that the "make money" part comes in the 4th step. This is because before you can generate revenue, you first need PEOPLE to sell it to. The 3 steps are required before that and Level 2 of the training covers how to get ranked and get substantial amounts of traffic within any niche.

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SergZerg Premium
This video - doesnt answer the question about writing and why do I need a blog. Wordpress is CMS - content management system(podcasts, videos, pictures, galleries, forums), it doesnt need to be a blog! It can be no post, no updates, no calendar, just some 10-15 at max different pages with solution content(possibly landing one) with description of profeesional service, some catch forms, info pages and a solutions for pains and benefits for customer. Local businessman need customers not news source, friendship or unprofessional advices from unknown to business practices self-made guru. Sorry I already have some kind of blog with audience - my twitter, facebook, vk, google+ etc.
I dont need readers - I need subscribers that wanna solves their problems not something that I think they need to solve...
cschlup54 Premium
Ok, I have content, not 50 plus pages but content none the less, I see traffic by viewing Google Analytics but really don't quite understand what I am seeing there -- right now no one real time, and no money yet either....I am hoping that the more I add to my website the more I will see others reviewing and maybe even a greater number returning because I did a good job and it is something they are interested in.
perkyboy1611 Premium
I have content and am getting traffic on the site according to Google analytics and my Amazon ads. No money yet, but I am sure that will come. It is just a matter of numbers. Only a certain percentage of people will buy. As I grow my content, I can start looking specifically at the finer points, getting people at the right stage of purchase, etc.
GOrozco Premium
If you are new in the WA platform, is very important that you understand the concepst on this video. The first time I saw this info I was to excited about making money and getting started. Now that I come back after a few weeks I can see that this is the solid base of any online business you want to do.
justbobw Premium
I like the learning process and everyday brings a better understanding for me. When I first started WA I was scratching my head alot because it was all so new and I couldn't grasp everything that was being conveyed. I have much better idea of what I need to do now because I have gained confidence and patience, thanks to WA.