An Overview

Firstly, I want to give you a flowchart of how an autoresponder works.

  1. Someone sees your pop up, subscribe button and signs up
  2. This takes them to a thank you for subscribing message
  3. Then they receive a please confirm subscription email from Mailerlite (called a double opt-in to make sure they are a real subscriber)
  4. Once they click on this they receive your first email of Welcome and the Lead Magnet link for their free gift from MailerLite
  5. After a day they receive your next email with a friendly tip and the free link again
  6. Two days later they will receive your next email with another tip and offering a new product to help with their problem
  7. Two days after the last email they will receive another email from you with a great offer CTA (call to action)

Later you will send single emails in a separate campaign to your subscribers, for now, this is enough to start building a relationship with new subscribers.

Now, this is a flowchart of what you will need to do to set up your MailerLite Account.

  1. In the Dashboard click on Subscribers then on the orange button on the right Add Subscribers, click on Add Single Subscriber, and add yourself as a subscriber with a new email address (this is necessary to allow you to create your emails)
  2. Now go to the top and click on Forms, Click on the orange button Create Pop Up and follow the directions to create your first pop up
  3. Go to your website dashboard and click on plugins and add the plugin MailerLite, follow the directions by clicking on the plugin settings
  4. To set up your emails that will be delivered after the confirmation email to subscribers click on Automation, then click on the orange button called Create Workflow it will show you a box saying Set up workflow trigger. On the right, you will see two boxes. You can name your workflow and then click on the second box to assign the trigger. Choose - When a subscriber joins a group for now. Click on the orange button Save.
  5. On the left, you will see a + button below the Trigger box. Click on this and it will give you the option to create an Email or a Delay. This is all you need for now to put each of your Emails in (starting with your Welcome email) then click on the + and add a delay before they receive the next email and so on.

Next, we look at tips for cutting and pasting your doc emails into the email templates.

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roamy Premium
As crazy as it may sound, I`ve tried joining and using Mailerlite twice but both times it got rejected.I don`t know if it`s got to do with my location. But it`s ok, I now use Convertkit but I never understood why my application got rejected.
Aussiemuso Premium Plus
Now that's kind of weird.
I've never had a problem, it was super easy.
Is your website an MMO? As they won't let you join up if it is.

YvonneBray Premium
Oh WOW Aussie! I'm saving this tutorial for when I reach this part in my lessons. This is Fantastic!
Aussiemuso Premium Plus
You are so kind Yvonne. I'm delighted that it could help you.
Don't put off doing this too long, I did. (A whole year!)
I had my first subscriber today and was thrilled to see it working.
Another step in my business plan. 😁🎶
Israel17 Premium
Excellent training, Lily! Glad you came up with such an awesome Mailerlite tutorial! Your explanations are thorough and the topic well-presented. Thanks again, my friend!

Israel Olatunji
Aussiemuso Premium Plus
Oh wow Israel. Thanks for the great comments and support.
So pleased that it all makes sense.
Lily 😁🎶
Danacopi Premium
Lovlly, I think I havn't read your first tutorial, counting on at will do that. Thank you for tip
Aussiemuso Premium Plus
You are welcome Dana.
I hope it helps you to achieve your goals.
Lily 😊🎶
FrankB-1 Premium Plus
Hi Lily,

Great job! 👍

So, now are you using both AWeber and MailerLite to have 2 free auto responders, one for each site?
Are you planning to keep them separate or will you consolidate them into one auto responder down the road, which I assume will be AWeber?

Aussiemuso Premium Plus
Hi Frank, yes to the first question and I haven't polished my crystal ball yet but I will happily be staying with Aweber and MailerLite on both my websites until they reach subscribers beyond the free offer. They are very different niche websites. It could work out later when I perhaps need other features that I find one or the other works better and decide to use one over the other but for now I'm happy with the separate choice.

So pleased you liked the training.
Lily 😁🎶
FrankB-1 Premium Plus
That’s a great answer, Lily. 🙂