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How To Create A Bitcoin Wallet Using Coinbase with Bryan Larkin

A basic overview on how to create a Bitcoin wallet using Coinbase exchange.
With Coinbase you can buy Bitcoin using debit/credit card, from here you can spend the Bitcoin online or transfer it to a different means.
This video show you the basic setup and layout of Coinbase. It is worldwide friendly and one of the most used ones in the US and UK.
Do NOT store Bitcoin on any form of exchange as it can be susceptible to being hacked. An exchange is purely to deposit and withdraw bitcoin to and from your bank and another means like shop or program.

If you need further guidance on setting up your wallet or using Coinbase please get in touch via pm or comment below.
This training has been taken from my YouTube channel (

Get Started on Coinbase: (

Look forward to some more Bitcoin training videos and other topics to follow.



NB *If you are storing Bitcoin online for any amount of time, I recommend you store it in a Bitcoin hardware wallet, this is the safest means,
I personally use TREZOR, but LEDGER also sell one.
Want more info?... message me for advice. =]

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4GoodBuy Premium
Hey Bryan, I’m from NZ and really enjoying WA for a few years now, most recently, becoming really interested in learning more about Bitcoin and blockchain technology, crypto currencies etc.

I have a real interest in social enterprise, in sharing wealth and helping to close the gap between x rich & x poor. I am beginning to think that by using ‘open banking’ systems we could take back financial control from the traditional controllers. I’ve been looking into training opportunities for our youth who could be on the cutting edge of this revolution. I am not particularly tech savvy, but still open to learning and participating.

How well researched are you in your journey? What scams have you found what unscrupulous activities? I am not interested in participating in anything remotely morally corrupt. Any info is appreciated. Following with interest, cheer Tracey
Danka, you've made my decision much easier
johnwnewman Premium
Thanks :-)
BryanLarkin Premium
Thanks! Hope it helps you out.
Incognito007 Premium
Hey Bryan,

Storing Bitcoin funds in your Coinbase vault (not the wallet) is not considered as safe enough? :)

Tanguy - Incognito007
BryanLarkin Premium
Hey Bro,

How you doing?

Coinbase Vault is stated to be safer than their exchange, however can you really know where they are storing it? It is still on an 'online' presence, unlike hardware wallets like the Trezor or Ledger that you know your bitcoin is safe because it is in your pocket...

It is a personal choice, however I know where I would prefer mine to be.

Especially when I work so hard for earning bitcoin and saving it.
For the sake of $99 or $70 it is a no brainer. =]

If you need further advice or links to either products let me know.

Incognito007 Premium
All fine. It's in my pocket now! ;)

Tanguy - Incognito007
BryanLarkin Premium
Happy days man! Glad I helped make a decision easier for you into one of the best security investments out there :D

I will send you a link for a perfect lanyard for it that i also got. =]
Fashionholic Premium
Hi Bryan!
I am not computer expert. How can I keep botcoin in hardware walet?
From where I should earn or buy bitcoin?
What is the best time to buy bitcoinm?
Can you tell me the coming trends of bitcoin value?