Once the plugin is activated, you simply click the new Landing Page menu option down the left column of your dashboard.

The plugin allows you to use a free template (or purchase one of there premium templates which I did not do) and has the familiar WordPress visual and text editor built in to simply type in some text, add graphics, etc:

As you can see in the next image, you can quickly add up several different landing pages..... Additionally, you can setup an A/B testing system (also know as "split-testing") which will rotate different versions of the landing pages (you have to create new versions, but it's fairly easy as it copies the first version and then you modify).

A/B testing (split-testing) is important to see which landing page gets a better response (conversions).

Of course you want to keep the better performing landing page and then keep tweaking another version until you're happy with the resulting conversion ratio. The,, you can throw more traffic at it.

Any landing page will usually have an associated "Thank you" page.

This is the page that will be presented to the website visitor after they have performed your requested "Call to Action."

If it's a squeeze page (asking for email address, first name and last name) the website visitor will be redirected to another page you design to obtain the gift you have promised them.

So, there's a quick tutorial on WordPress Landing pages, what they are and how to get started testing them!

Also, if you need a source from some rockin' images for you landing pages, Please see this training:

Top Sites for FREE Stock Photos and Images:


And, if you need to learn how to resize, add text or crop your images easily and free, please see this WA Training:

EASY Custom Images That ROCK! :


I hope this gives you a better understanding of what landing pages are all about!

Thanks for reviewing my very first tutorial!



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Pretty sweet tutorial for your first!!!
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thanks much!
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Great tutorial! Your first? Excellent!!!
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Thanks so much Rosie!!!!
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Thanks Peej!
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Really cool tutorial, well done PJ and thanx for the info. It was short and detailed an helpful
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Awesome, Niko, thanks much!
speakwealth Premium

I have been a bit frightened by landing pages but now I feel better about possibly trying one out.

Thanks PJ
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Excellent! Thanks much!